* About GiantPeople

GiantPeople Services.

GiantPeople is an incubator for, consultant to, and angel investor in Boston startups. Our skills include business analysis, business strategy, IP due diligence, consulting, planning, and publishing. Representative (past and present) projects include:

  • TrademarkSpecimen.com (2016-present). The bad news: 20% of registered trademarks are at risk due to improper use. The goods news: TrademarkSpecimen.com can host your trademark specimens.
  • 17 Seconds (2014-present). Email newsletter and corresponding blog.
  • KnowltonDrive.com (2009-2009). For-sale-by-owner (FSBO) real estate website.
  • The MCats Band (2005-present). This Boston-area cover band, for which GiantPeople serves as the record label and management company, has raised thousands of dollars for nonprofits since its founding in 2005.
  • LawLawLaw.com (2001-present). Email newsletter and corresponding blog.
  • Clocktower Law (2001-present). Patent and trademark law firm in the Boston area. Branding, email marketing, social networking (blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+), website design.
  • RedStreet (1997-present). From 1997-2001, RedStreet was a going concern that provided website consulting for lawyers. RedStreet was known for its popular reviews of law firm websites. GiantPeople republished the archived website on 2007-01-01.
  • Heels.com (1995-2008). From 1995 to 2003, the Heels.com domain name was used by Erik J. Heels for his law firm, Law Office of Erik J. Heels, which re-branded to Clocktower Law in 2004. From 2004-2006, the Heels.com domain name was used by Erik J. Heels for his blog. From 2007-2008, Erik co-founded, launched, and sold the Heels.com shoe store (a high end boutique for women’s shoes) with the domain name originally used for his law firm.