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2009-08-12_17-51-21 Tom Heels and Erik Heels at Fenway Park for Boston Red Sox baseball game.jpg
2009-08-12 – Tom Heels and Erik Heels at Fenway Park for Boston Red Sox baseball game.

As you may know, I am a huge Red Sox fan. I started attending games in the 1970s with my Dad, family, and friends. We would drive down from Cape Elizabeth, Maine, to Boston, Massachusetts, where my Dad would search the Back Bay for free parking. Then we’d walk (usually a long way) to Fenway Park.

I was not much of an athlete growing up, but I did enjoy playing pickup baseball, hockey, and other sports in high school.

My love of baseball (in general) and the Red Sox (in particular) spilled over into adulthood. As a Dad of five sons, I coached Little League baseball almost continuously for nearly 20 years.

Also for about 20 years, my MIT friend John Reardon (and his family) have owned and managed a Red Sox season ticket package. For the past 15 years or so, Clocktower has been buying about 25% of John’s season tickets. But this year he has passed the torch to Clocktower, who will be taking over the season tickets.

I first sat in these seats with John, for Game 5 of the 2008 ALCS, which is still the most exciting game I have ever attended. (The Red Sox were losing 0-7 in the 7th inning and came back to win 8-7.)

Baseball teaches us many things, all of which are relevant to Clocktower. Things like fairness. I have always said that baseball is the most fair of all of the team sports. It ain’t over until it’s over (see Game 5 of the 2008 ALCS, above). Things like giving, giving back, teamwork, and more.

Some of my favorite articles about baseball – and why it is so important to me – are included below.

Now, I would like to extend to all of you the invitation to join a new Google Groups group: Clocktower Red Sox Talk. This will be a many-to-many discussion. Those who join will have an opportunity (but not an obligation) to purchase (at cost) some of the 52 (or so) games in this season ticket package. We can also chat about baseball in general, such as how cool it is that 2024 is the 20th anniversary of the historic 2004 Red Sox team, which broke the so-called curse and brought home the World Series championship for the first time in 86 years.

Just shoot us an email (by either replying to this newsletter or directly to info@clocktowerlaw.com) and let us know if you are interested. Thanks and go Sox!

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