* American Idol S07E17 S07E18: Top 16: 1980s

AI season 7 episodes 17 and 18.


1. Luke Menard – “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” by Wham. This was tepid and off-key at points. It sounds like he is trying to sound like Wham rather than Luke. He doesn’t sound like the original and brings nothing new to the vocal. Luke called it a fun song. Randy said it started rough, was corny. Simon called it weak and girly, said there is no chance he’ll make the final 12. I think he’s in trouble.

2. David Archuletta – “Another Day in Paradise” by Phil Collins. David is singing this as a ballad with a subtle piano backing, nothing like the original. And very original. It was very short, had a lot of runs, but the judges will love it. Randy said it was nice. Simon said it was a little gloomy and not as good as last week, said he needs to lighten up a little. Predicted David to be in the final two. I think he’s safe.

3. Danny Noriega – “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell. Danny attempts to cover this one-hit wonder. And I’m wondering when his 15 minutes of fame will end. It’s painful to watch and to listen to. He’s yelling a lot and is frequently off key. Very karaoke. Randy tells him that he needs to have confidence. Danny had to ask Paula if she liked it because her comments were incomprehensible. Simon gets it right and called it horrible and useless. I think he’s in trouble.

4. David Hernandez – “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” by Meatloaf. He is very breathy. And off key. And now yelling. No support on the low notes, yelling on the high notes. Yuck. I can’t wait for this to end. Randy said it was a good song choice but had some pitch problems. Paul said he has some of the best vocals. Huh? Simon said he secured a place in the finals. Am I listening to another performance? Safe? Not safe? I don’t know.

5. Michael Johns – “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds. Another classic 1980s tune. From “The Breakfast Club.” Now that I’m listening to the song, I realize that it’s not much of a singer’s song. But he certainly knows how to work the stage. And he is doing a good job on this version. I thought it was convincing. Randy loved it. Simon liked it but said he hasn’t had his moment yet, said he was more of a soul singer than a rock singer. Thought he’d do well in this competition. I think he is safe.

6. David Cook – “Hello” by Lionel Richie. Was apparently having guitar problems. I think he switched placed with Michael Johns. He’s playing electric guitar to perhaps the defining ballad of the 1980s. Interesting. He sounded out of breath during the first half of the song. More convincing in the second half. Never really took off. Kind of a mixed bag. Good but not great. Randy thought it was brilliant. Paula: fabulous. Simon said it was very brave and that he loved it. I didn’t think it was that great, but I think he’s safe.

7. Jason Castro – “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. I love this song. It is in the “Shrek” soundtrack. No instruments this week, and he is accompanied by a single acoustic guitar. He kind of ran out of breath and the end, but it was good. Randy said it was pretty good. Paula: effortless. Simon thought it was brilliant, and that Jason is getting better and better and better. I think he is safe.

8. Chikezie – “All the Man (woman) that I Need” by Whitney Houston. I don’t like this style of song, but he is singing it well. A little falsetto. A big finish. Randy said it was really good. Paula: really good. Simon didn’t think it worked at all, said it was cabaret. But he did sing last, which usually helps.

Bottom three:
1. Luke Menard
3. Danny Noriega
4. David Hernandez

Bottom two:
1. Luke Menard
3. Danny Noriega


1. Asia’h Epperson – “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston. She sings this mostly on key and doesn’t murder it. So it was OK. Randy said it was hot. Simon said it was a second-rate Whitney performance but was good enough for the top 12. Despite going first, she should be safe.

2. Kady Malloy – “Who Wants to Live Forever” by Queen. Way off key on the high notes. She inexplicably looks angry signing this song. She’s still annoying. And this was dreadful. Randy said it was an interesting (in a bad way) song choice. Simon said he is still having trouble with her massive lack of personality and that she looks like a robot when she sings. Kady admits she doesn’t know what “personality” means. I think she is in trouble.

3.Amanda Overmyer – “Hate Myself for Loving You” by Joan Jet. She’s doing the Elvis thing with her upper lip. She is rocking this song and is on key. Pretty solid. Randy said, “Well done bluesy rocker chick!” Or something like that. Simon said it was the perfect song and was fantastic. I think she’s safe.

4. Carly Smithson – “I Drove All Night” by Cyndi Lauper. It was well sung but she looked like a deer in the headlights at times. She yelled the high notes. I think it was good enough to make the top 12. Randy said it was another great performance. Simon said it was not the right song and that she’s a million times better than this song.

5. Kristy Lee Cook – “Faithfully” by Journey. She pretended to be a dog as a child. She is countrying up this song. But she’s trying a bit too hard to sound different rather than trying to sound like herself. It was pretty good. Randy liked it and reminds us that he used to work with Journey (yes, we know). Simon said that her problem is that she’s forgettable and that she’d finish in the top 10 at best.

6. Ramiele Malubay – “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins. She is wearing lots of lip gloss and is very breathy at the start. The low notes are on key but sound just plain odd. Will I remember this song? It was just pretty good. Randy said it was pretty good but that she lacks confidence. Simon said it was old fashioned and predicable. I think she’s in trouble.

7. Brooke White – “Love is a Battlefield” by Pat Benetar. She is sitting on the edge of the stage accompanied by a single acoustic guitar. She is owning this song. Hauntingly beautiful. Great. Randy liked it. (Just liked?) Paula said it was a wise song choice. Simon said it was an original take on the song and was a great performance. I think she’ll make the top 4.

8. Syesha Mercado – “Saving All My Love For You” by Whitney Houston. The mic finger tapping is very distracting. She is off key on the high notes, much better with her head voice. The arrangement is too slow. We must be running out of time because the judges give just one or two words of feedback. Randy: good. Simon: predicable but good. On the strength of singing last and not getting and real judge feedback, she is likely safe.

Bottom three:
2. Kady Malloy
6. Ramiele Malubay
5. Kristy Lee Cook

Bottom two:
2. Kady Malloy
6. Ramiele Malubay

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One Reply to “* American Idol S07E17 S07E18: Top 16: 1980s”

  1. Voted off the island on S07E19 were:

    3. Luke Menard
    5. Danny Noriega
    9. Kady Malloy
    10. Asia’h Epperson

    EJH’s score, this week: 75% (3/4)
    EJH’s score, cumulative: 58% (7/12)

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