* Q: Why are/were there ads on this site?

A: We accepted the YoD challenge.

By Erik J. Heels

First published 12/1/2016; ErikJHeels.com; publisher: GiantPeople.

Clocktower Law provides patent and trademark law services to ad tech companies and other cool companies who rely on advertising for their businesses. When possible, Clocktower Law likes to try out its clients’ products and services to understand them better. We also note that without ads there would be no radio, no TV, no Internet.

GiantPeople is an incubator for, consultant to, and angel investor in Boston startups. Its skills include business analysis, business strategy, IP due diligence, consulting, planning, and publishing. As part of GiantPeople’s ongoing Year of Disruption (YoD) project, which is a conversation about disrupting IP law for startups, the following question was posed:

Would you put ads on your law firm website? On your legal blog? Why or why not? The question was also posted on GiantPeople’s Facebook page. The answers were fascinating (you can read those for yourself).

In short, we concluded that it’s not possible to march to the beat of a different drummer if we do what everyone else is doing. So, at least for one month, there are ads on this site.

Life is an experiment. We are experimenting.

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