* American Idol S07E33: Top 6: Andrew Lloyd Webber Songs

AI season 7 episode 33.

6. David Cook – “Music of the Night” (Phantom of the Opera). David grew up doing musical theater. Who knew? His eyes are closed. But his voice is strong. Plus he is singing for the camera. He’s not trying to grunge it up. Surprisingly pleasant. Randy thought it was amazing. Paula has brown hair. Simon said he made the most of it.

4. David Archuleta – “Think of Me” (Phantom of the Opera). ALW tells David to keep his eyes open. David does for the most part. I hate this song. I hate this theme. He’s singing it well, but so what? Who buys singles from iTunes of show tunes? Randy said he can sing anything, said it was the bomb (that’s good). Paula has brown hair. Simon thought it was pleasant but one of his weakest performances.

5. Carly Smithson – “Jesus Christ Superstar” (ditto). ALW pushed her to sing Superstar. I don’t think she’s a superstar, but I’ve been out of sync all season with the voting public. I can’t hear her over the background singers. She’s bailing on the high notes and singing something other than the melody. I hated it, the judges will love it. Randy thought it was good. Paula has brown hair. Simon said it got shouty in the middle but was one of his favorite performances of the night (which is not saying much).

2. Jason Castro – “Memory” (Cats). I love the fact that Jason didn’t know that a cat was singing this song. He’s a mimbo, but a lovable mimbo. Say what you will about his style, but he has a recording-studio voice that is unique and memorable. I really liked it. Randy thought it was a little bit of a train wreck. Paula has brown hair. Simon said it felt like a wedding performance that he was being forced to sing, said it was a struggle.

3. Brooke White – “You Must Love Me” (Evita). Andrew Lloyd Webber loves Brooke, who learns that this is a song about a woman who is dying. Brooke has the guts to admit she false-started and starts over (second time this season) and gives a convincing performance. Randy thought it was a little tough (in a bad way). Paula has brown hair. Simon thought it was dramatic (the false start), said she was straining, thought she looked uncomfortable.

1. Syesha Mercado – “One Rock and Roll Too Many” (Starlight Express). Huh? Her hair is different every week. To the point where I don’t recognize her. I also don’t recognize this song. Unmemorable hair, unmemorable song. Meh. Randy thought it was her best to date. Paula has brown hair. Simon thought it was sexy, said she showed lots of personality. I didn’t like it, nether did Ben.

Hey, why don’t the kids get to sing two songs this week? Then again, maybe it’s better we only had one song for this dreadful theme.

Bottom Three:
2. Jason Castro
3. Brooke White
1. Syesha Mercado

Going Home:
1. Syesha Mercado

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One Reply to “* American Idol S07E33: Top 6: Andrew Lloyd Webber Songs”

  1. Bottom two on S07E34:

    1. Syesha Mercado
    5. Carly Smithson

    Voted off the island:
    5. Carly Smithson

    So DialIdol got one right. And I should have stuck with my gut. And perhaps the most overrated contestant in the history of the show finishes in 6th place. Kellie Pickler has been the most successful 6th place finisher to date. I don’t think Carley will be so lucky, since America never learned who she is as a singer.

    EJH’s score, this week: 50% (1/2)
    EJH’s score, cumulative: 58% (18/31)

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