* American Idol S07E41: Top 2: Battle Of The Davids

AI season 7 episode 41.

Dear American Idol:

I’m done. It was fun while it lasted, but I’m done watching. You ignored my suggestions about how to fix American Idol after last year.

But that’s OK, I’m not your target demo. I’m a 41-year-old (soon to be 42-year-old) male. It’s clear that you are catering to 10-year-old girls. Why else would you let kids compete with adults on the show? There should be a minimum age of 18 and no maximum.

But what do I know? My picks this year were the worst ever. Then again, it’s arguable that she show wast he worst ever. An Andrew Lloyd Webber theme? Please. How about a Foo Fighters theme?

American Idol used to be a family affair in my house. All five us use used to watch. Tonight, there were just three of us. Did I mention it was fun while it lasted?

About tonight’s show? You’ve set it up nicely for David Archuleta to win, so congratulations David A. But here’s my prediction. David Archuleta will get lots of prom invitations, lots of press, and will have Ruben Studdard-esqe sales figures. David Cook will get lots of invitations to collaborate with recording artists, not as much press, and will have Chris Daughtry-esqe sales figures.

And about tonight’s show? I won’t blog it. But my 10-year-old daughter live-blogged tonight’s American Idol finale. Guess which one of us spends more money on music?

Oh yeah, she’s rooting for Archuleta to win. But what do I know?

See you in syndication.

Erik J. Heels

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2 Replies to “* American Idol S07E41: Top 2: Battle Of The Davids”

  1. To be clear, I was so annoyed with Simon’s comment last night that David Archuleta won it “in a knockout” that I fired up DialIdol and voted for David Cook 118 times. Apparently I wasn’t alone. I felt that David Cook should have won on the merits and was frustrated that the judges seemed to be conspiring for David Archuleta (who is much less marketable, IMHO) to win.

    DialIdol called it for David Cook in a landslide. And DialIdol has never gotten the final result wrong (in the four years they’ve been around). Season 4 was by far the closest finish of the DialIdol years.

    Before the results were announced, I announced (to my family – well, four of the five of us) that I would stop watching the show if David A. won. It looks like other David Cook fans rallied around the underdog and justice was served. So I guess I’ll keep watching. But I think I’m done blogging.

    No wonder Simon apologized before the results were read. He knew.

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