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By Erik J. Heels

First published 9/15/2016; YearOfDisruption.com; publisher: GiantPeople.

I am using several Google Alerts, with varying degrees of breadth, to keep up with disruption in the news:

  1. (“Year of Disruption” OR disrupt OR disrupts OR disrupted OR disruptive OR disruption OR disrupting) (patent OR patents)
  2. (“Year of Disruption” OR disrupt OR disrupts OR disrupted OR disruptive OR disruption OR disrupting) (startup OR startups OR start-up OR start-ups)
  3. (“Year of Disruption” OR disrupt OR disrupts OR disrupted OR disruptive OR disruption OR disrupting) (trademark OR trademarks)
  4. disrupt law
  5. disrupt law Boston
  6. disrupt patent
  7. disrupt patent Boston
  8. disrupt trademark
  9. disrupt trademark Boston

And here’s the latest disruption news, not all of it from the above alerts:

  1. Silicon Valley Company Plans To Disrupt Election Day Forecasting, Potentially Suppressing Turnout (2016-09-12)
    “The startup is called VoteCastr, and their bold plan for November 8 was just covered by the New York Times. Essentially, they want to begin reporting election predictions and results from key battleground states starting before polls even open, and to continue doing so, based on their own observed turnout data and predictive models, throughout the day, offering America some ‘real-time’ predictions of the election’s outcome long before polls close.”
  2. Samsung Sells HP Its Printer Segment Plus 6,500 Patents For $1.05B (2016-09-12)
    “HP wants to ‘disrupt and reinvent the $55 billion copier industry.'”
  3. These Are the 17 Startups MIT Kept Hush-Hush This Summer (2016-09-09)
    “MIT’s Global Founders’ Skills Accelerator (GFSA) – now known as Delta V – keeps tight lips about the stealthy startups going through its summer program. Everything about these student ventures – even their names – have been under wraps. But the time has finally come when the Institute has let us know the latest ventures to go through Delta V’s intensely educational accelerator program.”
  4. The Four Public Policy Questions Every Startup Should Ask (2016-09-05)
    “If you’re legitimately disrupting an industry, there’s a reason: they’re doing something poorly and you can do it better. But in many cases, the public doesn’t recognize that an incumbent industry could be serving them better.”
  5. Four Reasons You Really Shouldn’t Miss Disrupt SF, Kicking Off One Week From Today (2016-09-05)
    “Disrupt attendees can download the Disrupt app from the Google Play or Apple iTunes stores starting this Wednesday. It’s pre-populated with attendee and exhibitor information, features in-app messaging for attendees, and makes it easy to watch sessions missed on demand. CrunchMatch is a program for investors looking to set up meetings with startups that match their interests. Hundreds of companies and startups are participating.”
  6. Revisiting The Only Reason Why Startups Fail (2016-09-05)
    “CB Insight’s ’20 Reasons Why Startups Fail’ has become a reference point for startup advice. But the statistics from that research and other findings point to one thing: the reason any startup fails is the people.”
  7. Investors, Here Are The Startup Alley Companies At Disrupt SF (2016-09-02)
    “Disrupt SF runs from September 12-14 at San Francisco’s massive Pier 48 just down the road from AT&T Park.”
  8. Why Luck Plays a Big Role in Making You Rich (2016-09-01)
    “A Cornell economist is alive today because his heart stopped on the right tennis court. He wants us all to know how fortunate we are.”
  9. The Law Firm Innovators Who Win the Game (2016-08-30)
    “The College of Law Practice Management’s 2016 InnovAction Awards will be presented to Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. and Norton Rose Fulbright LLP on September 16 during the college’s annual Futures Conference.”
  10. I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup (2016-08-28)
    “I haven’t given up on Silicon Valley or California, and I sure as hell haven’t given up on good people. I hope you never have to experience what I went through, but if you have, please share your story so that others may learn and know that they are not alone when it comes to startup fraud.”
  11. TECH INVESTOR: We’re In A Huge Bubble — But It’s Not What You Think (2016-08-22)
    “[W]e should expect to see plenty more acquisitions like Walmart’s purchase of Jet.com, as the incumbents wake up to the threat that smaller startups are posing and attempt to ‘hedge their own public valuations by buying the very same unicorns that keep them awake at night.'”
  12. Accelerators – Too Much Of A Good Thing? (2016-08-22)
    “Accelerators – the very entities that produce startups that could disrupt industries – are primed for disruption…. In a more mature ecosystem with deeper institutional memory, the need for pure-play accelerators has decreased.”
  13. Disruption ‘Brings Opportunities For Those That Are Quick To Strike’ (2016-08-22)
    “New opportunities are arising from disruption, but in order for companies and workers to make the best of it, they will have to either adjust to embrace this change, or find themselves at the losing end of this new era.”
  14. Common Mistakes Made By Startups (2016-08-17)
    “6. Not protecting intellectual property (IP)
    If you have developed a unique product, technology, or service, you need to consider the appropriate steps to protect the intellectual property. Both the business’s founders and its investors have a stake in ensuring that the business protects its intellectual property and avoids infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties. Protecting that particular aspect is core to the business. But we often fail to do that and spend time in developing the asset. So there is quite a possibility that on the day of getting the investment we end up realising that some other individual has got our product registered in his or her own name and we are no longer the owner of our asset.”
  15. How AI Is About To Disrupt The Relationship Economy (2016-08-16)
    “AI algorithms are on the verge of being commoditised; it’s the data that’s going to matter more. Companies that already have a lot of user data are using it to drive better customer experiences via their AI. One can predict that large customer service platforms will only get better with more data and that might give them a formidable edge.”
  16. Why We Should All Spend More Time Staring Out of the Window (2016-08-11)
    “Boredom, daydreaming, and idle time are all important for creativity and motivation, as well as your mental health. This video reinforces the idea, pointing out that while none of us will ever be lauded for staring out of the window, it’s exactly what more of us need to do to stay happy, healthy, and inspired.”
  17. Passion Is the Result, Not the Cause, of Taking Action (2016-08-09)
    “‘Pursue your passion’ is unhelpful advice for a handful of reasons, but mostly because it suggests we should stick to a single path we already feel strongly about. As personal finance expert Stefanie O’Connell explains, passion isn’t something you have, it’s something you discover.”
  18. Techdirt Reading List: Don’t Panic: A Legal Guide (in Plain English) For Small Businesses & Creative Professionals (2016-07-21)
    “This new book is a super useful (plain English!) legal guide to a variety of issues that face both creative artists and small businesses. Besides being super understandable for the non-lawyer artist or developer, it also reinforces that the issues both face are fairly similar.”

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