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By Erik J. Heels

First published 9/27/2016; YearOfDisruption.com; publisher: GiantPeople.

Three bears, before the arrival of Goldilocks: Did you lock the door?

Goldilocks certainly disrupted the three bears! But the real question is: even if they had locked the door, would it have made a difference?

Here is the latest disruption news, including:

  • Disruptive startups
  • Disruption in the legal industry
  • Disrupting patent and trademark services

* The Boston Tech 30 (2016-09-25)
“GE’s move to town this summer – not to mention the explosion of tech startups in places such as Kendall Square, Downtown Crossing, and the Seaport – signal not only a healthy present for Boston tech, but also a vital future.”
“Pamela Aldsworth, Dave Balter, Rodney Brooks, Jeff Bussgang, Dries Buytaert, David Cancel, Wayne Chan, Clayton Christensen, Maria Cirino, Paul English, Jeff Fagnan, Gail Goodman, Helen Greiner, Diane Hessan, Maia Heymann, Steve Kaufer, Paula Long, Jennifer Lum, Sheila Lirio Marcelo, Andy Ory, TJ Parker, Katie Rae, Jason Robins, Bijan Sabet, Dharmesh Shah, Niraj Shah, Nicole Stata, Michael Stonebraker, Corey Thomas, C. A. Webb.”

* Five Southern Africa Startups Using Tech To Disrupt Legal Systems (2016-09-23)
“HiiL Justice Accelerator Boostcamp…. selected winners of the three criteria all startups were judged on. This criteria was the impact the startup had on its community, the sustainability of the startup and the presentation of the pitch at the Boostcamp.”

* Want to Become More Disruptive With Your Startup? You Got 100 Days. (2016-09-20)
“An 18-month product build will always sprawl. Tens or hundreds of new components are developed, and testing becomes overwhelming. By cutting down to 100 days, we ensure that we focus on solving a single problem — and don’t overwhelm ourselves in the process.”

* Post-Brexit Patent Litigation In Europe (2016-09-20)
“Following Brexit, the UK may become a more important patent litigation jurisdiction than it would have been as merely part of the federal UPC system. The UK’s commercial significance means that companies will have to litigate in the UK as well as in the UPC. Brexit is also likely to increase English patent judges’ willingness to grant pan-European declarations of non-infringement, paving the way for more complex and disruptive patent litigation strategies.”

* 3 Tips To Protect Your Business (2016-09-16)
“If a larger company chooses to sue a small business it can result in consequences that can entirely alter the business and the client base you have built. One example of this was when Ebay began the proceedings for trademark infringement against Foodiebay the start up, which was later forced to rebrand as Zomato.”

* The 10 Most Ridiculous Startups At Techcrunch’s Disrupt Technology Conference (2016-09-16)
“LoveNuts, BakeryScan, AirDates, Pumpkin, Sup?, Camo, Blincam, DOG PC, UGym, UGym.”

* Gawker Parody Site Emerges to Skewer Startup Clichés (2016-09-15)
“There is one thing that stands between the people who live in Silicon Valley and the future, and that is: the people who live outside of Silicon Valley.”

* 3 Ways the Army Prepared Me for Entrepreneurship (2016-09-15)
“It’s no easy feat navigating the road to entrepreneurship. But if you’re a veteran considering this path, you already embody the courage and commitment it takes to begin this journey.”

* Mobalytics Wins Startup Battlefield At Disrupt SF 2016 (2016-09-14)
“Mobalytics is a coach for competitive gamers, so they can discover their weaknesses and make adjustments for future success. E-sports is an incredibly promising market, making Mobalytics an encouraging company for this space.”

* To Disrupt or Be Disrupted: What’s Your Choice? (2016-09-13)
“Global organizations of all shapes and sizes can significantly benefit by being proactive disrupters and avoiding playing victim in the digital economy.”

* Apply For a Trademark Before It’s Too Late (2016-09-12)
“First, registering a trademark will help prevent anyone else from trying to use the same, or confusingly similar, name. The second reason may not be as obvious, but it’s equally important. A successful trademark application ensures that your business or product name is truly available to use, and you’re not taking someone else’s mark.”

* Techdirt Reading List: The Disruption Dilemma (2016-09-08)
“Joshua Gans released a book called ‘The Disruption Dilemma’ that is both something of a critique / update on [Clayton Christensen’s famous book ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma’], but also providing some useful ways of looking at and thinking about innovation. If you’re a fan of disruptive innovation and want to better understand it, this is a worthwhile read.”

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