* YearOfDisruption.com: Only 75% of Massachusetts patent professionals are findable

At least if you use the USPTO’s database.

By Erik J. Heels

First published 3/31/2017; YearOfDisruption.com; publisher: GiantPeople.

I'm going to have Tommy come up and take care of this one. He's more the numbers guy.

It is well documented that the USPTO’s database of patent attorneys and patent agents is a mess. In fact, only 75% of patent professionals are readily findable on the Internet using the information in the database.

Since there are about 45,000 total registered practitioners, an average state would have about 900 patent professionals. Massachusetts has 2,123.

I searched for the name of the company as shown in the USPTO database, and if it was not obviously displayed on the first page of Google, then I added “not found” to the “URL – Main” field.

Going forward, I may start putting my firm’s email address and website address in the “address3” and “address4” fields of the database. At least that will make OUR info more useful!

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