* GiantPeople Updates All Websites To WordPress Twenty Seventeen Theme

WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme
WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme

GiantPeople has updated all 13 of the websites it manages to the new/default WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme, including the following:

  1. * Failed Pols – A GiantPeople Project – Failed Policies, Politicians, & Politics
  2. Cannonball Shooters – A GiantPeople Project – A Blog for Sam, Ben, and Sonja (and their Parents)
  3. Clocktower Law – Lawyers For Human Beings ®
  4. Erik J. Heels – A GiantPeople Project – Technology, Law, Baseball, and Rock ‘n’ Roll
  5. GiantPeople – A GiantPeople Project – Incubator For, Consultant To, And Angel Investor In Boston Startups
  6. The MCats Band – A GiantPeople Project – We love you, mans! ™
  7. RedStreet – A GiantPeople Project – Law Firm Website Reviews (1997-2000)
  8. Russell & Tate – A GiantPeople Project – We get yo’ money! ™
  9. Teeth Whitening Fail – A GiantPeople Project – Teeth Whitening Gone Wrong
  10. TrademarkSpecimen.com – A GiantPeople Project – Trademark Specimen Hosting
  11. Year of Disruption – A GiantPeople Project – Disrupting Patent/Trademark Services for Boston Startups

The new theme is a significant departure from past default themes, features header photo(s)/video(s), uses a one-column (or two-column) responsive design, and is more focused on static home pages than on blogs. Still, it is a solid platform (and theme) for both websites and blogs.

Enjoy and happy new year!

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