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Transparent patent and trademark fees.

Whoa, let's not go crazy. How about we just make our accounting translucent?

Clocktower Law believes in transparent patent and trademark fees. While we are very good at controlling what we charge for our services, third-party costs (including USPTO fees) vary, sometimes wildly. So despite our best efforts, the math remains as follows: fixed + variable = variable.

As such, we have rejiggered our patent and trademark fees again to focus on helping you budget. The three columns on our revised transparent fees page are:

  • Clocktower Law Charges
  • Third Parties Charge
  • You Should Budget

Certain foreign trademark fees have increased. Other than that, fees remain unchanged.

For example, while European trademark fees have not increased, we have always charged more for the complex European trademark process, and we also note that filing in Europe results in a bigger benefit to you, since you get coverage in all (currently 28) EU member countries.

We did, however, increase the amount we charge for filing trademarks in India, because that process is slow, painful, and expensive. We are on the verge of recommending that our clients not file trademarks in India, but we haven’t quite reached that point yet (noting that only a Sith deals in absolutes).

We hope this helps, albeit not absolutely.

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