* All Startups Are Service Providers

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A VC recently told me that he did not consider himself a service provider. Of course VCs are service providers! VCs provide money and advice, and, in exchange, they hope to get a 10x return on more than 10% of their investments. They’re not selling widgets.

Even companies that sell tangible widgets are in the service business. The process of making the widget, the process of selling the widget, answering questions from customers about the widget: all services.

The proper question, therefore, is not whether or not startups (or any other companies, for that matter) are service providers; the question is: How excellent do you want your services to be?

At Clocktower, continuous improvement is our goal. That’s why it’s called “practicing” law. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it does get you closer.

If you can work from home, then you are a service provider.

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