* EZBake Oven For Your PC (ParodyLaw.com)

Mmm, mini cakes.

From Boing Boing:

“ThinkGeek adds an EZ-Bake oven that fits into a standard 5.25” drive-bay on your tower PC. Link (via DiveIntoMark)”

My favorite snippet from ThinkGeek:

“Who can forget the joy of mixing up a tiny cake mix and cooking it with the warm glow of a light bulb? We didn’t seem to care that it was only about 3 bites worth – it was damn tasty, and homemade with our own grubby little hands.

Now the computer savvy among us can relive the fun of having your very own personal mini-oven with the PC Ez-Bake oven!”

Keep in mind that ThinkGeek is still getting orders for its 2002 April Fools’ Day parody product, the Desktop Zero-Point Infinite Power Generator.

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