* Buying Computer Memory

My computer keeps hanging, so I’ve decided to buy more RAM. I was amazed to see how difficult most computer vendors made it to find the right kind of RAM. And then I found a helpful buying guide online:

You don’t have to know the technical ins-and-outs of the RAM varieties, but it helps to know their essential differences. EDO DRAM, SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, and RDRAM are the four basic types of RAM, in ascending order of speed and currency. (In other words, EDO DRAM is the oldest and slowest type of RAM, RDRAM is the latest and the fastest.)

SIMM, DIMM, and SODIMM, and RIMM refer to the different kinds of boards and connectors used by RAM cards to plug into a computer’s motherboard.

An online wizard allowed me to compare features and prices for various brands. Plus next-day delivery and no charge for shipping. The source? Staples.

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