* Let Gardenconsult.com Be Your Garden Coach

Seija Hälvä, Garden Coach, will help create private and community gardens in the Boston area.

My wife is Finnish, I am half Finnish, and we have lots of Finnish friends in the Boston area, including Seija Hälvä, Garden Coach (http://www.gardenconsult.com/). The Garden Coach’s specialties include:

  • Bulbs and Flower Beds
  • Container Gardens
  • Fruitful Gardens
  • Herb Gardens
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Shade and Woodland Gardens
  • Natural Crafts and Garden Structures
  • Community Gardens, including:
    • Container gardens at Agassiz School, Cambridge, MA
    • Teaching Garden at Bridge School, Lexington, MA
    • Nature crafts at Chenery Middle School, Belmont, MA
    • Teaching Herb Garden at Habitat, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Belmont, MA

Do you want to expand your living space outdoors? The Garden Coach offers solutions from design to planting to maintenance.

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