* Clock Tower Law Group: Enlightened Technology Decisions

Founder Erik J. Heels didn’t write the headline but can’t help agreeing with it.

The March 2006 issue of Law Office Computing (http://www.lawofficecomputing.com/) features Clock Tower Law Group (http://www.clocktowerlaw.com/) in it’s Tech Setters column (http://www.lawofficecomputing.com/EDC/eloc/march06/techsetter.php).

Here’s an excerpt:

“We avoid applications that store data in proprietary formats or systems that operate proprietary protocols. For this reason, we avoid all legal-specific software, and when possible, adopt open source software, which tends to be available for all three operating systems.”

Law office technology is a process, not an event, and this is a good snapshot of where Clock Tower Law Group is in it’s technology journey.

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