* American Idol Top 9 Results

Erik gets the bottom three correct. And then there were eight.

I got the bottom three correct: Elliot (7), Mandisa (8), and Paris (9). But I had the order wrong. We don’t know who finished 7th or 8th, but the 9th place – and the one to get eliminated – was Mandisa. I had picked Paris.

Still, not a bad showing for a first-time American Idol blogger, especially considering the picks of other (more established) AI bloggers:

  1. American Idol Season 5 Blog – Picked Ace Young, Bucky Covington, Mandisa in the bottom three with Bucky going home (1 for 3).
  2. Reality TV Magazine – Picked Mandisa Hundley, Elliott Yamin, and Katharine McPhee in the bottom three with Mandisa going home (2 for 3, but got the 9th position correct).
  3. Various and Sundry » American Idol – Picked Elliott, Paris, and Kellie in the bottom three and didn’t make a pick for someone to go home (1 for 3).

Next week, the music of Queen.

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