* American Idol Top 5 Preview

May the best performer win.

I have one prediction this week. The worst performer (not singer) will go home this week, regardless of power voters, DialIdol.com predictions, and VFTW pronouncements. You’d be better off flipping a coin than listening to what VFTW says. As always, if you have others you’d like to see added to “Erik’s List,” let me know.

Erik’s List of American Idol Pundits
Pundit Bottom 2-3 Accuracy Bottom One Accuracy
DialIdol.com 91% (10 for 11) 50% (2 for 4)
Erik J. Heels 82% (9 for 11) 25% (1 for 4)
The Woes and the Prose of an American Idol Junkie 82% (9 for 11) 25% (1 for 4)
Reality TV Magazine 73% (8 for 11) 75% (3 for 4)
Various and Sundry » American Idol 64% (7 for 11) 50% (2 for 4)
USATODAY 64% (7 for 11) 50% (2 for 4)
High Lord Dave’s Blog 64% (7 for 11) 25% (1 for 4)
American Idol Season 5 Blog 55% (6 for 11) 25% (1 for 4)
Flipping A Coin 50% 50%
Vote For The Worst 18% (2 for 11) 25% (1 for 4)
Simon Cowell NA 50% (2 for 4)
Zabasearch.com – Most Searched American Idol Contestants no historical data no historical data

Here are some snippets from other blogs that I’ve been meaning to blog all week. Since I have no other predictions, now is as good of a time as any.

Access Hollywood Video Podcast (http://www.slimtainment.com/idol/archives/2006/03/exclusive_idol.html).

Taylor Hicks on Saturday Night Live (SNL) (http://community.livejournal.com/votefortheworst/15003.html).

A couple of good observations from Reality TV Magazine about why American Idol is so popular (http://www.realitytvmagazine.com/blog/2006/04/why_is_american.html):

“The reason that American Idol has reached heights no other television show has achieved is because of a perfect combination of hosting, judging, casting, marketing, and viewer participation…. Instead of being random chance that could be bestowed upon those both deserving and undeserving, the public rewards based on who they feel deserves to win, which is often a combination of talent and personality.”

Links to top songs by year from a couple of sites that are new to me (http://idolingalong.blogspot.com/2006/04/five-kidsten-songs.html)
(musicradio.computer.net, www.rockonthenet.com). See also Wikipedia’s list of number one hits (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_number-one_hits_%28United_States%29), but don’t waste your time trying to navigate the horrible official Billboard magazine website (http://www.billboard.com/).

Is it Tuesday yet?

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