* Gethuman 500 Phone System Rankings

Gethuman has released grades for the telephone systems of 500 companies and organizations.

On 11/20/06, Gethuman released its first “report card” on the customer service phone systems of 500 companies and organizations.

I encourage you to support those who eared an “A” in Gethuman’s report:

  1. Comfort Inn
  2. Commerce Bank
  3. Days Inn
  4. Dillard’s
  5. Hertz
  6. Hyatt Corporation
  7. L.L.Bean
  8. Lands’ End
  9. Walt Disney World

Gethuman’s stated goal is to “improve the quality of phone support in the US.”

Clock Tower Law Group provides legal services pro bono to Gethuman. The Gethuman team includes Paul English (founder), Lorna Rankin (director), Michael Liu (programmer), Walter Rolandi (human factors), Walt Tetschner (industry advisor), Steve Smith and Mike Estabrook from Brand Equity (logo), Aaron Golas (animation), Leah Weinberger and Wicked Indie Productions (video), Jannette Bloom from Wicked Indie Productions (earcon audio clips), Erik Heels and Clock Tower Law Group (legal).

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