* Barack Obama vs. Hillary Clinton

Fun with technology and politics.

This is not a political post. I am an independent voter, not a member of any political party.

If the democrats had to choose a presidential candidate today, if the choice were based on popularity, and if Google Trends is a good measure of that popularity, then Hillary Clinton would defeat Barack Obama in a landslide.

Somehow, I expect that the Google Trends chart of Barack Obama vs. Hillary Clinton will evolve over time.

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7 Replies to “* Barack Obama vs. Hillary Clinton”

  1. Im tired of people like JEFF ENGLISH who are racists/descriminate……about obamas name
    what in the world what is wrong with people?….what people vote for that stupid lady…
    i have a reason why i vote for obama… not because he is black (im black) but because even~
    though he seems less, um experienced? than the other canidates, he sounds like someone i would
    want to be my president….Hilary on the other hand, for me rubs off the wrong way..i just dont like
    like her and would not want her to be my president…PLZ PLZ PLZ…dont vote for Hilary just
    because of obamas name…And PLZ PLZ PLZ dont vote for obama because hes black, look at what
    he has to offer…dont be ignorant..

  2. I think the people of this country are looking for a radical departure from the status quo…..Most voters are ready to vomit over the Bush administration…..Hillary has my vote right now…..Obama…..nobody with a name like that is ever going to be elected President of the United States….

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  5. While it doesn’t disprove your point (since many people will spell it the way you do), his name actually has a ‘c’ in it… It’s Barack Obama, not Barak.

    And when you update the spelling, it’s actually an Obama victory. Not yet a landslide, but give him a few more months. 🙂

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