* Bike On Ice

My good deed for the day.

This morning when I parked by the mill pond, I saw a 10-speed bike on the ice, about 8-10 feet from the shore. From the tracks in the fresh dusting of snow, it looked like it had been sent there intentionally. I grew up in Maine, where winter ice accidents are common (people skating, fishing, snowmobiling, or just goofing around falling through the thin ice). Not wanting the same to happen to an adult or child, I decided to retrieve the bike myself. I have long jumper cables in my minivan and was able, after several tries, to hook the tire with the jumper cables and pull it back to shore, without stepping on the ice myself. I already briefly mentioned this incident to a Maynard police officer – it was he who held the door for me as I brought the bike inside by the building management company’s office.

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