* Parallels Oops

Parallels scores points for customer service, loses points for user experience.

I got a nice email and call from Parallels yesterday about about my recent purchase of their OS virtualization software. I just purchased a MacBook, a new version of Windows XP, and Parallels. Parallels emailed to see how my install was going. I emailed back and told them that I hadn’t received the software yet. (I purchased the backup CD as well, intending to install from CD at home after my MacBook arrived.) Parallels called me back to make sure that I knew that I could download the software. It then explained the frustration of buying the MacBook from one place (apple.com), Parallels from another place (parallels.com), and Windows XP from another place (macconnection.com). As an aside, I got a kick out of purchasing Windows XP from MacConnection.

Last night, I happily powered up the MacBook, downloaded the latest and greatest version of Parallels Desktop For Mac (Parallels Desktop 3186 Mac en.dmg, released 02/27/07) and got the following error (“The following disk images failed to mount” with the reason listed as “not recognized”).

Now keep in mind this is a brand new MacBook, and Parallels was the first piece of software that I downloaded and attempted to install.

So I went back to the Parallels website this morning to see if I could download the latest version again and got this error:

Where, oh where, has the great technology gone? I want more great technology. File this under “nothing is easy.”

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5 Replies to “* Parallels Oops”

  1. Erik,

    Just checked out your band, The MCats. From one keyboard player to another, you guys rock! You guys got quite a setlist. Keep makin’ music!


  2. Hi Erik,

    I experienced the same problem (dmg failed to mount), so I decided to download the file again. And guess what – after I told Firefox to replace the already existing file (which was only 13.3 mb (which is the reason why the disk mounter could not mount the dmg file)), it picked up the download at the 13.3 mb and then downloaded the rest of it. Now it works fine. If you can’t download the file let me know and I’ll send it to you via sendspace. BTW, I think Parallels rock and the development they have made over the last year is so astonishing, that I am more than forgiving for such minor flaws. We see much bigger companies (*cough* Micro *cough* soft) come out with crap that they have been developing for many years and still we use their product because there is (or in the case of an operating system – was (Hint, hint, MacOSX :)) no better alternative. Be lenient 🙂

    Good luck,


  3. Greetings Erik,

    I’m totally with you on “first impressions”. In fact I’m very hard core about it. I wasn’t trying to make excuses for Parallels and what’s happening with their servers right now. All I was trying to convey was I’ve been a Parallels user from day one and have had zero problems downloading and using their software. They have come a long way in a short time and their software works without a hitch in my work environment. Sometimes sh*t happens and there’s no way around it. So I’m just a happy customer confidently saying that they are worth giving a second chance to impress.


  4. Parallels website has been experiencing problems for the past two days since releasing the newest version. It has nothing to do with your new Mac or the user experience of Parallels software itself. The warning message you got after trying to launch the downloaded disk image of Parallels is a standard one; usually when a disk image is currupted or incomplete. Again, it’s all just bad timing. I am a totally satisfied owner of a black MacBook and have been very satisfied using Parallels running WinXP in coherence mode.

  5. Greetings Misterg,

    The user experience starts and ends with the user’s experiences. So far, Parallels (the company) has demonstrated that they can’t (1) ship product on time (both the MacBook and Windows XP arrived on time), (2) keep their servers up to enable a complete download of the DMG file (if that, indeed is the problem), and (3) keep their servers up for subsequent download attempts.

    Oh yes, they have responded to my email that I sent today but haven’t solved my – strike that, their – problem.

    You only get one chance to make a first impression.


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