* More TiVo Failure Modes

Numbers 17 and 18.

As I’ve written previously, I’ve given up on TiVo (for 16 reasons). I continue to wait for a great TV technology. TiVo ain’t it. And just when I thought TiVo had no new ways to spoil our TV experience, it came up with a new one last night.

17. Last night, we turned off the TV and cable box, and TiVo merrily continued to record our scheduled movies. But the TiVo failed to turn on the cable box first. How hard is this? Note that the serial cable died and we switched to the IR cable. But the IR cable mimics the IR signal from a remote control. If a remote control can turn on the cable box, then certainly TiVo can check to make sure that the cable box is on before recording 8 hours of blankness.

Plus I forgot one:

18. TiVo doesn’t let you easily fast-forward through commercials.

Somehow I think I’m not done counting.

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