* The Analog Curse


My generation grew up with analog things and saw them morph into digital things. It’s harder to convert from analog to digital than it is to stay pure analog (like my parents) or pure digital (like my kids). This past week, I continued my quest for digital nirvana by scanning lots of old photos. So far I have:

  • Ripped 100% of my CDs to 256 Kbps (VBR) MP3s.
  • Converted 0% of my vinyl records to MP3s.
  • Converted 0% of my cassette tapes to MP3s.
  • Scanned 99% of my photos.
  • Converted 0% of my VHS movies.

Somehow I think that both my parents (who don’t care about digitizing) and my kids (who don’t have to worry about it) have it easier.

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2 Replies to “* The Analog Curse”

  1. Hi Erik,

    I love this post! It really speaks to an interesting and common dilemma for our generation. I’ve taken the “from this point forward” approach which is to leave analog stuff as is but purposely only use digital going forward.

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