* YearOfDisruption.com: Top 10 Disruptive (i.e. Innovative) Boston Patent Firms

Because disruption is supposed to be a GOOD thing!

By Erik J. Heels

First published 5/25/2017; YearOfDisruption.com; publisher: GiantPeople.

Boston skyline from MIT. Copyright 2009 GiantPeople LLC, all rights reserved.

As part of a GiantPeople project, I reviewed all of the patent law firms in Massachusetts. These are the ones that stood out to me. You probably won’t find gavels, Greek columns, or the scales of justice on these law firm websites. What you will find is targeted IP advice provided in a no-nonsense manner. Here are the top 10 Boston patent law firms (YMMV), sorted by URL (natch).

Top 10 Boston Patent Firms

  1. * Blueshift IP, LLC
    Specializing in computer technology and software patents in an era when software patents are under attack. Located in Kendall Square’s Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC).
  2. * Bay State IP, LLC
    Name-brand clients. Featured on the Shark Tank blog.
  3. * Patent Capital Group
    Focusing on patent prosecution and IP transactional work. Big-firm-trained professionals minus the biglaw price tag.
  4. * Wells P.C.
    Service packages for small businesses that provide essential legal advice at a fixed monthly fee.
  5. * West Hill Technology Counsel, Inc.
    Visual thinker will appreciate the launch-to-exit visual that highlights the firm’s focus on new and expanding businesses. A certified woman-owned business.
  6. * Clocktower Law LLC
    A human-focused practice (e.g. excluding-patent trolls) and no-BS approach to advice and pricing. See notes [1] and [2].
  7. * Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton, PC
    Because, over the last decade, Lisa Warren built the patent practice from whole cloth into a regional leader.
  8. * Modern Times Legal
    You have probably heard of founder Bob Sayre’s clients, including Harvard and MIT. Located in Kendall Square’s Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC).
  9. * Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.
    Founder David Wolf helped me out when I was starting my law firm. The firm that bears his name deservedly has a great reputation. See note [3].
  10. * Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers LLP
    A wealth of information on their website. Highly respected for both IP prosecution and litigation.

Honorable Mentions

  1. * Cardinal Intellectual Property, Inc.
    Not a law firm but provides IP search services (and related services) in a novel manner.
  2. * Frugal Patents
    See note [1].
  3. * GTC Law Group PC & Affiliates
    A nontraditional (and virtual?) firm focusing on IP, tech, and other areas.
  4. * Patent GC LLC
    Senior attorneys serving as outsourced in-house IP counsel.
  5. * The Rude Law Firm LLC
    Gotta love the name, which is a play on founder Seth Rudin’s name.
  6. * Blackbird Tech LLC
    Not a law firm but an IP monetization company.
  7. * Steven N. Fox, Esq.
    See note [1].
  8. * Stan Collier, Esq.
    See note [1].
  9. * Kendall Square IP Strategies, LLC
    Life sciences IP by Louis Myers in Kendall Square.
  10. * Miele Law Group
    A blended approach focusing on IP, litigation, and business law. Founded by Tony Miele.
  11. * Modern Renaissance Legal
    IP and software/Internet law firm founded by former biglaw attorney Ben Snitkoff.
  12. * Szmanda & Shelnut, LLC
    See note [1].
  13. * Matthew M. Yospin
    IP, litigation, and transaction matters with a rich social media presence.


1. One of only a handful of Massachusetts patent law firms that lists prices on its websites.

2. DISCLAIMER: I own both GiantPeople LLC (the publisher of this website) and Clocktower Law LLC (the reviewed law firm), so take the inclusion of the latter with a huge grain of salt. But wouldn’t you want a law firm that believes it is one of the most innovative in the state? Plus, based on another historic GiantPeople project, I do have at least some street cred wrt law firm website reviews!

3. See * Why I Respect Wolf Greenfield.

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