* Verizon FiOS TV Problems

How to spoil a movie night in one easy step.

Last night, my wife and I decided to watch a movie using Verizon FiOS TV’s video-on-demand (VOD) feature. About an hour into the movie, the audio started breaking up and the video started pixelating. Then this error message appeared:

A problem has occurred with your request. Please ensure that the wires are securely connected to your set-top box. If you continue to experience problems please contact Verizon at (888)553-1555 and specify code (CL-14).”

Yes, happy Valentine’s Day to you too, Verizon. My wife had fallen asleep on the sofa, so I put on some soft music and used the opportunity to help Verizon debug their problem. I’m such a nice consumer.

Incidentally, in the old days, area codes were optional for local calls, which is why they were put in parenthesis. Most area codes are no longer optional, and toll-free area codes never were, so let’s all agree never ever to put area codes in parenthesis again. Mmm-kay?

I called Verizon and waited 18 minutes on hold before getting to speak to somebody. While on hold, I did what every TV consumer would do in the same situation. (No, not go to the bathroom.) I went to the basement, restarted the broadband router (being sure to leave it off for about 20 seconds), came back upstairs, restarted the cable box (ditto), and tried to access VOD again. No luck, same error message. One variant of the error message simply referred to “Error 14” and didn’t include a phone number.

Guess what the Verizon representative suggested? Yup, restarting the router and cable box. So we did, same results.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
– Albert Einstein

At this point, my romantic Valentine’s Day evening was toast. Maybe the V-Day Blizzard of ’07 had knocked out a Verizon server? Maybe VOD was getting hammered by all the romantic couples in New England? I asked the Verizon rep where he was. California.

I was on the phone with Verizon for 55 minutes and they were not able to solve the problem. We verified that FiOS Internet service worked fine, Verizon TV worked fine, everything worked except VOD. Sounds like a Verizon VOD server issue to me. Or maybe I was just imagining the problem. Could be either.

I had to ask the rep what Verizon was going to do to make this very patient customer whole. (Hint #1: good companies take the initiative to make their customers happy and actually have their own ideas about how to do this. Hint #2: keeping customers on the phone for 55 minutes to debug a 2-hour movie and then offering no compensation isn’t one of those good ideas.) He asked me to call back and check on the trouble ticket. After my prompting, he said that he’d ask his supervisor about giving a week of service credit (whatever that means). I explained that I had invested 55 minutes of my life on this and was not investing any more time. I said that they could email me to close out the matter. The Verizon rep said he had no means to send email to me. (They should try Verizon FiOS Internet service in California.) “Humor me,” I said, “and enter my email address in the file.” He did. I’m not holding my breath.

Verizon is making Apple TV look better every day.

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  2. We had FIOS installed in Feb. 2007 by Verizon. It has been a hassle and a real time-waster. We had internet connectivity problems that required hours of time on the phone with tech support to be resolved. Ultimately, they came to our home to fix the problem, which is what I knew was needed all along.

    A few weeks following the installation, we learned that our burglar alarm system became disconnected. No one from Verizon bothered to mention that this would happen. We asked Verizon to re-connect it but they refused, stating that is isn’t their responsibility and they don’t want the “liability.” Meanwhile, my alarm provider says he has problems getting his system to work with FIOS but will give it a try.

    We haven’t signed up for TV service through Verizon FIOS but are in no hurry to given the problems we are already having!

  3. Verizon FiOS is an incredible offer by combining cable tv and high speed internet service. Of course there will always be kinks to be fixed, but these problems are negligible compared to the benefits recieved from the FiOS services. It’s Verizon, a reputable company, they’ll get it done sooner or later.

  4. Robin, I’ve had the same problem with my security system — an APEX system. What brand/model are you using? It is clear that the FIOS digital-to-analog converter that is installed in our homes does not replicate the signal processing that was present in the earlier analog system, Verizon’s representations notwithstanding.

  5. We are having the same problem with our TV in the family room. When ever we try to watch any On Demand we get pixalation. We have had at tech come out 3 times. The 1st 2 times they replaced the splitter and it worked. Then within a couple days it would start again. The TV upstairs has no problems. Today a tech came out and said its the cable leading to the tv (which was installed with the house 14 years ago). Told my wife he was just a tech and we need to call and have an installer come to run new cable. Other than this problem we have really enjoyed FIOS TV.

  6. I have all 3 of their services and have been having trouble with no picture on the tv. they keep saying the will fix it from the central office. Well comeon Verizon fix it already. Tjink they put this out on the market before they were capable of handling it.

  7. Just installed Fios TV 2 days ago…what a disappointment compared to the Comcast HD service I had for a year. Comcast offers a vast amount of High Def content on their On Demand Service, while Verizon Fios TV offers none! Not even the pay-per-view movies are offered in HD. Comcast offers loads of HBO, Showtime, Starz High Def On Demand…Verizon none. I just spent hours on the phone with Verizon and most of their agents know little about HD.

    I also think the HD picture quality on Comcast is superior and I am seriously thinking of switching back to Comcast…what a disappointment.

  8. We’ve had internet with FiOS for a couple of years. I jumped on the chance to get TV when it was finally available. I’ve had a few issues.

    1) Two remotes have died in the first two months. The first remote took two weeks to get. The second one is going on three weeks. They just spontaneously quit working. In both cases, all the LEDs on the remote lit up. I disconnected the battery on the first remote, put it back in, and nothing happened at all. It’s completely dead. The second keeps all the LEDs lit up, even after replacing the battery. I pointed it at my camcorder and saw that the IR is always on. I thought it might be a stuck button, but the good remote pulses the IR.

    2) We haven’t heard a peep about our $100 gift card we were supposed to get.

    3) The receivers cache the remote presses. So, if you hit the skip button, don’t get an immediate response, then hit it a few more times, when the box finally starts processing IR signals, it jumps ahead like mad.

    4) My DirecTivo let you switch between tuners, with each tuner having recorded the last 30 minutes of programming. So, I could pause when a commercial starts, jump to the second show I was watching, resume and skip commercials, pause that, jump back to the first, etc.

    The Verizon DVR automatically records the last 1 1/2 hours, but it only records when it’s powered on (even though the drive continues to spin, so I’m not sure why it’s not recording), and it only lets you rewind on a single tuner, not both (though it can record two shows simultaneously).

    5) If you’re fast-forwarding, then hit pause, you can’t frame advance without first hitting play, then hitting pause again. This is a somewhat annoying bug.

    6) You can’t tell it to record a show, no matter when it’s on and no matter what channel it’s on. You have to set up a schedule for each channel a show might be on. Family Guy is an example of a show you’d want to record on both Fox and Cartoon Network, since they’re different episodes.

    7) It frequently records repeats as “new.” I suppose it’s better than skipping new shows that it thinks are repeats, but still annoying.

    8) The installer hooked the DVR up to our plasma TV using the composite inputs, then tried to tell my wife that the reason it didn’t look any better was because the movie she was watching was too old. I had to re-connect it to the component input. I would think that if he didn’t want to give up an HDMI cable, that he’d at least use some component cables.

    9) The installer used all my old cables to connect to our TVs, including the power cable that was connected to our old DirecTivo. Some of these cables aren’t exactly in stellar condition.

    10) The box is very slow responding to commands at times.

    Overall, it’s not bad. I like the picture quality and HD selection for the price. Most of the problems are minor. #8 is serious, but it’s forgivable. #9 is pretty bad, since cable and satellite both give you new cables when you subscribe to their service. It’s one of the perks of getting new service.

    #1 is a major, major problem. When I had a satellite box start overheating, DirecTV sent out a new one overnight. Taking 2 to 3 weeks to get a replacement remote is unacceptable customer service. If Verizon wants to compete with satellite and cable, they need to make sure any equipment problems are fixed immediately.


  9. Well – I’m not crazy after all. Others are experiencing the same problem I have – pixelation when accessing on demand. Tech support tries to be helpful but I find it laughable that I had to explain (in vain) to two different support reps what pixelation was. On the whole we have been very satisfied with the bundle we received. On demand is the only piece not working as advertised. You’d think it would behoove them to fix this because it equates to $$$ in their pocket. My suggestion to others with FIOS – before paying for on demand movies first check out their free on demand offerings. If your picture is pixelating on the free stuff rest assured it will do the same for the on demand you pay for. Now – off to Netflix !

  10. We just had FIOS installed. The salesman who came to our house said we needed Windows XP and had to up grade our Windows 98. He said you could get it off the internet free. Wrong!
    We have spent $276.00 so far and are not happy.
    Our aol email could be kept for free we were told. Well my computer tech. (from Staples) erased all my programs on my computer in order to get enough space to install the XP. Our old aol program as well.
    We were told conflicting advise as to whether we needed to have aol installed before we were hooked up with FIOS. We had been dial up previously. Everything was working wonderful.
    Now we have FIOS and I can bring up my aol mail page,(using internet explorer) see the messages but cannot open them. Tried calling Verizon and had tech support via the internet. They could not find the problem. We had internet help from Aol and they could not help us. The computer freezes up for 3 minutes when I try to read an email. It does not respond to alt. control delete.
    I am so frustrated because of all the time we have wasted on trying to get our computer ready for FIOS, and now cannot look at or send emails.
    Any suggestions?

  11. most of your problems sound like inside wiring issues especially those that involve vod,loose connectors,and yes even those nice twist on super special connectors you bought at radio shack.your problem is ingress.and your alarm should work with fios notify your alarm company that your service is not voip,these people are always under the impression that fios is voip.as far as alarm wiring we are not responcible for alarm systems just delivering dial tone.

  12. I tried Verizon Fios for about 3 months. The first 2 months were ok but not really that great with regards to high speed internet. I starterd getting problems on the 3rd month, both video and internet. About 3 in less than 3 weeks. With my old Cable co. I think, I had to call for tech support only about 4-6times in 5 years. Having Vonage (VoIP) for my home phone made matters worst. No internet – no phone. I told tech support about this and he just said there’s nothing he can do about it because I don’t have phone service with Verizon (I think he has not haerd about internet phone). At one time he told me to reset the modem/router when there is no signal coming in including video. He then told me to connect my computer to the modem. I told him I can do that not as my computers connects to the internet via wireless adapters. At the end he told me that they will try to solve the problem with in 24 hrs. — What??? and someone will contact me. About 3 hrs later, nobody has called me to give an update. I tried to call tech support again but had a hard time getting in touch with anybody. Finally, I tried billing and asked how to cancel the service. The lady that I talked to however, transferred my call to somebody from tech support. This time a more knowledgeable guy took my call. He told me that there (after some test that he performed) seems to be a break in the line (?) leading to my house and he is sending somebody to check it. About an hour later somebody came over and determined that a line was disconnected at the main box (as what he told me) and service was back in about 10 minutes. I did not have to reset the modem, etc.
    BOTTOM LINE? Verizon Tech Support Stinks. It was easier to cancel my account than to get tech support. I cancelled my account the very next day. I’m back with my old reliable cable company and at half the price.

  13. VERIZON IS CRAP!!! 23 days and counting w/o TV service!!! I already had Verizon FIOS Internet and Phone. I wanted to get the bundle which also included the TV service. Verizon sent a tech on 6-6-07 the tech showed up, didn’t get the tv working, and said he’d be back the next day, leaving wires hanging out all over. 6-7-07 no tech showed up…second day my wife missed work. 6-9-07 another tech came, called Verizon from my house, and the first solutions person hung up on him, because they said he was lying about a problem. He called back and talked to a supervisor, who said our service would be up and running within a couple of hours. Nothing. 6-10-07 my wife stayed home from work for the fourth time, tech came, but said everything was hooked up correctly and it was someone else’s problem. One more missed Verizon appointment, and another tech came, but said there was no problem.
    40-50 hours have been spent on the phone w/ Verizon, trying to get service. They tell us to call 2-3 times per day to see if it is working. They have reset our boxes countless times. They have replaced our order about 15 times. —-IT HAS BEEN 23 DAYS WITH NO TV SERVICE!!!!! —-It is now 6-28-07, and I am doing my routine calls trying to get service, which they keep guaranteeing me. I knew I should have placed an order for another service about 2-1/2 weeks ago. By the way, my wife has lost out on $900.00—yes, $900.00 if you add up the lost wages for the 6 days she has missed work to meet TV techs at our house…three of those days, Verizon people never even showed up!!! This is the worst run company I have ever seen. I can’t even talk to someone who can give me an answer. I’m finished w/ Verizon for good!!!

  14. I just recently switched to Verizon from Cablevision. At first everything seemed great.. I was going to save a good deal of money and get some more internet speed. I got installed a little over a month ago. In the first week I experienced a video outage (nothing too terrible) and I let it go.. Not too much later (about 3-4 days) my internet went out. I called tech support and after about 45 minutes of banter I was basically told that I can’t be helped because everything seemed to be working fine from his end. I am still without internet service and my tv’s blitzed a few times. What makes me more upset is I recently found out that my copper lines and my junction box have been completely removed so I can’t even revert back to a landline phone from this point. I asked two different reps at Verizon and they said “Once you have fios you can’t go back to dsl or landline”.. I wish they would have told me WHEN THEY SOLD IT TO ME!!!

    Now here’s the biggest rub… I was promised to have all of my services work out to be around $108 a month.. I asked a few people (including a supervisor) and this was verified. I got my bill and it was over $160!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was an activation fee for my computer of $19.95 – ok, I can deal with that… Even trying to make sense of this bill and minusing out prorates this is working out to be $120 a month.. I just called them a few hours ago and they said that $108 wasn’t the amount that I was quoted… ???? !!!! ???? I now wish I had heeded my instinct and not strayed from Cablevision. Let’s see how I do with getting out of this Verizon contract.

  15. I apologize for the typo.. I realized it right when I hit the submit button.. What is minusing?? I meant to say adjusting lol

  16. I recently signed up for FiOS Internet and FiOS TV, and have since canceled Dish Network. I must say that overall the experience has been good and the technology is exciting. However it hasn’t been without hiccups. I had video playback issues, so a tech came out to fix it. That process was satisfactory, but calling in to customer service is a nightmare. Hopefully any service issues will be ironed out soon. I recently wrote an article on my experiences with Verizon FiOS TV, so feel free to check it out.

    The internet has been great for me. I canceled phone service from Verizon and use Sunrocket VOIP without any issues.

  17. Just found this post.

    I favor keeping the parenthesis.

    Area codes were never optional, except before long distance dialing came into effect. The only thing new is having to dial one for your own area code.

    That problem (overlays) could have been dealt with, as Europe did, by adding one digit to phone numbers which would have added nearly 100,000,000 combinations, obviated the need for overlays and even allowed all of NYC to be returned to the 212 area code.

    Short of that, there is no need for the “1” before the area codes. Telephone switches are now computers that can easily recognize that the first 3 digits of a 10 digit number are an area code. Cell phones do it. VOIP phones do it. Verizon should be capable.

    I use a VOIP provider that allows me to set one area code (my choice and changeable by me online) as only requiring 7 digit dialing.

  18. I too just signed up for a Fios bundle and am very unhappy. I had Direct before and it was expensive but at least there was something to watch! I was promised more channels and that is totally untrue unless I want to watch VOD and spend $3.99 to watch a movie. I call Verizon and after an hour of trying to speak to customer service and tech support it didn’t solve any problems I’m having excepting spending more money to get the Max channels. I still can’t figure out how to get the closed capturing back on the set as I had before Fios and I can’t figure out how to use my DVD player. It screws up the set anytime I try to use it. They reset my tv and turned it off for about an hour trying to get the cc back but it didn’t help so now I have to call them back. Also my laptop is running alot slower than when I had dsl. They keep assuring me that it should run so much faster and I can’t seem to convince them that it’s not and I too am extremly upset that no one mentioned to me that if I was unhappy with FIOS that once you switch over to them there is no going back!! I will not be recommending Fios to anyone – ever.

  19. As far as fios tech support reps on the phone go, the majority of the good ones move on to other things like their internal help desk or start supporting field techs with network issues. A vast majority of their reps are former employee’s of call center sweat shops where service level and scripted average handle time is king. Even though verizon preaches customer service in the call center it is all about average handle time. Training gives you a nice over view of the technology and and only some of the back end systems that affect a customers service. Some times you will get reps that seem to know more than others and those reps are usually true geeks that are just interested in technology in general. For example you would figure that a “video trained” rep would know that the hdmi video and audio can be disabled/enabled in the hidden user menu on the hd or dvr stb. But alas that is not mentioned in training or a widely know fact. So you call because you have picture but no sound on your new hd plasma and and wait for the tech on the phone to spend about 10 minutes resetting your stb before determining the box is defective and setting up a dispatch when all you had to do was press power on the front of the stb to turn it off and immediately press menu a couple of times to get the user menu then select hdmi options then enable sound. All of a 3 minute process since you actually have to get up off the couch and go to the stb. Configuring the actiontec’s firewall to allow vpn connections, hosting a game server, or even how to suggest changing the subnet mask on the voip router to not have conflicts on your home network, guess what, you either learn that on your own, punt the call of to actiontec if they are open or just flat out give the official company line “that is not supported”. It is no big deal to send out a field tech if it is warranted, but at $380 a truck roll you will quickly find out if it is really warranted. The you get ahold of the burnt out rep who just doesnt care because they deal with http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff319/m1k3j0n3s/IMG_0004.jpg and because of that number verizon has a special group of employees who we will call phone nazis that their only job is to snitch you out to supervisors if you are on a long call (calls over 10 minutes, yes 10 minutes is a long call) or heaven forbid you have to put a cx on hold for more than 2 minutes to walk across the floor to video room where the equipment customers have actually lives and breathes to actually use what the customers use and to be able to answer the “little” questions that will arise because face it, fios is new and not every one is familiar with every nuance. Ok, yes I ranted. Fios is a great NEW product and is having growing pains and hopefully it will become widespread and common enough even amongst the actual consumers that it will become common knowledge that if you have no dialtone, just like your pots line try a different phone first, then unplug them all, then try one at a time or if more than one service is not working check that back up battery unit first!

  20. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Fast-forward, and for no reason whatsoever, it either resets back to the beginning or to some random point (in this particular case, 15 minutes into the show). It is soooo annoying!!

  21. Verizon is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with….period. I have logged over 20 hours on the phone trying to get billing issues ironed out and everyone says they will fix it but no one does. Six months and counting still no credit.

  22. We recently switched to FISO I TOTALLY agree that customer service is HORRIBLE!

    Every since we had it installed on August 20th, we’ve have nothing but problems. They put a Temporary line from the street to our house (see attached pictures). The only problem is that the line runs across the sidewalk and it’s the same place the bus stops every morning. I’ve called Verizon at least 5 times this week and it’s always the same story. They can’t help me because they contract work like this out. I’ve been trying to get this fixed since August 20th and nothing has been done. My neighborhood has many small children and I am afraid that someone is going to trip over the wire! I just want to warn other people so they do not have to deal with what I am dealing with. I spend at least an hour each night on the phone with them and nothing gets done.

  23. We’ve had FiOS Internet and 3 phone lines switched over to it for over a year. Overall, the service has been incredibly good – much better than cable modem service from Adelphia/ComCast. We’ve only had two problems with the service:

    1) The ActionTech router died an ignominious death, and it took two days to get a new one, since they had to ship it out rather than sending a tech to replace it. When the new one was installed, a phone call to tech support had to be made to associate the new router’s MAC address to the ONT. Not that big of an issue, since I was able to connect up an old Linksys router and make it work in the interim.

    2) We’ve had a major outdoor landscaping/construction project going on since mid-summer, and one day the backhoe going up and down the driveway yanked down all the lines – power, fiber, copper, and coax. The power company was here within 15 minutes! Verizon showed up 20 minutes after that and fixed the fiber and copper. ComCast took THREE DAYS to come out, since they told me that cable TV was non-essential service. Well, if it is, then FiOS TV is going in asap. Our Township just approved the franchise agreement with Verizon, so it shouldn’t be long before the service is offered.

    Notwithstanding the VOD problems that have been mentioned, I’m very curious to see whether the HD service, especially the local channels, are better than what ComCast offers. Watching Sunday Night Football last night, the SD channel looked better than the HD channel! There was so much macro-blocking (the proper MPEG term for pixelation) and quantization noise, it was nearly unwatchable.

    Consumers need to understand – what ALL of these companies deliver to you as ‘HD’ is nothing of the sort. Native high-definition programming runs at 1.485 Gbps. Obviously, delivery systems do not yet exist that can accommodate that much bandwidth to your home, so the signals are compressed, using MPEG-2, and, in some cases, MPEG-4 AVC H.264 compression. The majority of signals use MPEG-2, and typical compressed bitrates are between 12-15 Mbps. Yes, that’s right, ~99% of the signal is discarded along the way. If you were to watch native HD and what you get in your home side-by-side, you would be really pissed off.

    Start complaining, to anyone you can, about the poor quality of ‘HD’ programming.


  24. I have lots of the same problems posted here. A quicker way to thru to them is to say “agent” after the recoring starts telling you all the Einstein things to do again.

  25. I have had FiosTV for a number of months now and since having it installed i have noticed some weird behaviour. It will, without notice reset the unit and switch off the televsion. They have changed the box and it still happens. In the end they refunded my account back to the day it was installed. The new box is doing the same thing. I think it is a code problem but is anyone else experiencing this?

  26. Verizon Fios TV is not ready for prime time. It cuts off recorded programs in the middle, does STB software downloads in the middle of the day with no warning, and the remote is very hard to use. Either the remote signal fails to activate the STB (despite the red flashing light) or you hit the wrong key. It has nasty human factor design elements. I cannot understand how a major US corporation that has such a long-term good record of excellent service can offer such junk. And one more thing, in southern California Verizon is providing new customers with recycled STBs. My guess is they were pulled from other unhappy customers.

  27. Simon,
    Having the same problems with the resets and cutting off the TV and box. I just had FiOS installed on Monday (10-15). I still don’t have one of my phone lines working and am wating for a tech to show up (was suppose to be here between 1 – 5, it’s now 5:25 and I’m on hold with “CS”). I was not happy with Verizon not finishing the installation of my 2nd telephone line on the day the service was connected. When I called them, I’m still wating!!!
    CS is not in the language of Verizon FiOS.

  28. Greetings,

    Here’s some more advice if you are watching VOD: put the remote in a drawer where you can’t reach it. Because the rewind button works, the fast-forward button works, and the pause button works, but the play button does not work. If you make the mistake if hitting pause, fast-forward, or rewind during your VOD feature, then your only option is to start from the beginning of the movie.

    Oh Verizon FiOS TV VOD, how I hate thee.


  29. I’ll save anyone thinking of switching to FIOS TV alot of time and/or money… DON’T DO IT. For the time being, quality is better with other carriers, and don’t even get me started with customer service. At least 10 calls to Verizon in the past 4 months to clear up ONE seemingly simple issue.

  30. I have put countless hours in trying to resolve my Verizon FIOS TV problems. My problem currently is that I cannot call technical support for service because they have it in their system somewhere that my service is disconnected. My Verizon Fios TV, Internet, phone all work fine (mostly). My bill comes every month and I pay on time. I would like to upgrade my DVR but haven’t been able to get it to happen in months. I do want to talk to them about the dvr getting automatically reset periodically… sometimes daily… where it then stops all the recordings. I did reach tech support a while back and they said I had a “ghost dvr”. It does strange things. Tech support said they need to send a code down. They got strange code and could not send the fix down to the box. So, they must put in an order for Video to fix it in 24 hours. Within 24 hours video calls and says my account is “suspended” for non-payment and I need to talk to collections. I talk to Collections the next day and they say nothing is wrong with my account and transfer directly to Tech Support. Tech Support says obviously nothing is wrong with your account because you were transfered from Collections. Tech Support says they can’t fix it. They need to put in an order for Video to fix it with 24 hours and it goes in this loop all over again. Video cannot do anythng they say because the account is suspended but none of the other parts of Verizon see any problems. So, we talked to the Problem Solution Center (his name was Sindey). So two days later they call and say they cannot do anything because the account is suspended again. This goes on and on and on. It’s no one’s problem. You just get passed on and on and on. I saw a verizon guy out in our neighborhood and tried to fix it that way. I got the phone number for his boss. He wasn’t going to put in an “order” but a different way that would get someone out to fix it. He never showed up the next day. I called him again. He appologized… he isn’t going to do anything for me, either.

  31. I have recently had FIOS TV installed and it has been a nightmare. I had been getting ‘ghosting’ on the screen and told: “It’s the BX cable in your house being too close to their cables. Moving the BX fixed the TV side on Video 1 and then the problem then migrated to Video 2 (DVD) and 3 (VCR). I was told to disconnect my VCR and DVD. Of course that would eliminate the problem. The next step offered was to get a new TV – my 5th visit is tomorrow. Wish me luck.

  32. We got FIOS a few days back. Everything was fine until we wanted to watch a video (an actual one). First, it wouldn’t play. Then when we tried to switch to the TV we found that our sound had gone. Then the screen went blank. So, I called for help. After getting bounced through their automated call system for about 10 minutes, I got a recording that said that their 24/7 help line was closed until Monday AM (it was Saturday night). Sounded impossible, so I did it again and had the same result. So, I called the number for Verizon online support. I burned another 20 minutes until I got a person to speak to, but the person I spoke with explained (understandably) that she could not help with FIOS, but would connect me to someone who could. She was as good as her word. Well almost. This time I was entered into a new automated system that put me through what seemed like endless loops of questions until I finally was directed to an agent. Ended up, however, that to speak to a FIOS technical support agent would entail an additional 25 minute wait. I had already burned more than 3/4 of an hour. The recording offered the opportunity to stay on the phone and wait to speak to an agent or to leave my information and receive a call in the same 25 minutes. I opted for the later, but 25 minutes later the call didn’t come in. An hour later it didn’t come either. In fact, it never did.

    When we signed up for FIOS it sounded like a good idea, but the impression I have is that there technical support services are a mess and it appears as if we will be needing it. We will probably drop the service rather than endure the endless frustration of dealing with Verizon.

  33. We’ve had Fios for about 8 days and at the moment really wished we had stayed with Comcast (which is remarkable because it was wildly intermittent.) The internet and phone seem fine. The issue is the picture quality. On analog stations, the quality is unwatchable…static, snow, shadows, goasting…we have had service reps here 5 out of 8 days and they can’t seem to figure out the issue. They claim that our Fujitsu Plasma, is the issue. Wondering if anyone knows if there are settings, alternative connections or something else that might resolve this issue. It seems to be doing it on all of the 5 sets, but is worst on the best of the panels. The HD channels are OK, but not nearly as clear as Comcast when their service worked. We’re not very knowledgeable about the details of the technology, but are trying to learn. So far we’ve invested an enormous amount of time between trying to get Verizon on the phone, talking to phone reps when we finally have been able to navigate through the myriad of voice response menus, dealing with the service reps and attempting various solutions independently. Any thoughts on how to resolve the fuzziness of the picture would be warmly welcomed. We like the concept of the triple play, but are about ready to throw the whole thing out if we can’t get a watchable picture.

  34. Verizon has the worst customer service on the planet. That being said, my FIOS tv died this afternoon. The guide is displayed on the screen. When you selec a channel…………..nothing. Router and cable box have both been reset . No go. Anyone have any ideas before I subject myself to their customer service department?

  35. I have had FIOS triple play for 6 months now and have unresolved problems with each service:

    TV – Channel changing freezes, on occassion, for 10 to 30 seconds. Most standard functions are prone to freezing. I am still using my old Comcast remotes because they work better. More functionality and the Page Up and Page Down really now work. The only feature I cannot get is widgets which is a stupid add on to a remote that does not work.

    Internet – Also freezing occurs.

    Home phone – no freezing but they took away an intercom service I paid for because of FIOS.

    Service – This is the worst part of Verizon. They do not seem to want to talk to you and when you get through after hours of dead phone time they have no solutions. They do not seem ready for this business.

    I do not know how to get my problems resolved without a law suit.

  36. I signed up for FIOS internet – was one of the first in my area – 3 years ago. Customer service was really good and they seemed to have people who were available for the new FIOS customers. Eventually I got the triple play. A couple of days ago I swiched back to Cablevision – and am even paying a bit more per month – because Verison’s customer service is beyond horrible. If you have a problem you have to endure extraordinarily long wait times and then you can never be sure you will be speaking to anyone who has enough knowledge to help you, I was a big fan in the beginning, but now I tell anyone who will listen not to sign on.

  37. I had FiOS installed last week and since then I cannot dial out to local numbers such as 410 or 443. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I’m also experiencing a problem where only some of my email messages are coming through.

  38. Ok,

    Here in Portland Oregon FIOS TV was release a couple weeks ago. I have had FIOS interent for several months and have liked it. As soon as the TV version was available I called in and spoke to a rep. I spoke with him for an hour to make sure everything was going to right.
    Here is what he told me;

    I get three free connects. Any more then that and I would have to pay for the connection. Ok, why they would not want me to have the best experience in beyond me. Then I was informed that I need a converter box (I currently do not need one for my coaxial cable) to see the digital signals. So for my main TV I would get the free box but the other 2 TV’s would not need a box and I would only be able to see the first 99 channels. That is fine. So the tech sows up. First he smells to high heaven of cigarette smoke. He then informs me that “no sir, sorry your were misinformed, in order to see any FIOS TV, you need a cable box on EVERY TV.” So this means that my TV in the kitchen that hangs from the wall needs a box, the TV in the bedroom needs a box and of course the TV in the living room needs a box. And of course, all this means that I will need to pay to rent an ugly box to sit on my kitchen counter. I DON”T THINK SO. I did not get the FIOS TV. And as I sit and type this out, I have been on hold with verizon “customer service” for 27.52 minutes. oh, and did I mention their hold commercials are broken? It goes in and out like it is not tunned in.

  39. We upgraded to the FIOS bundle package at the end of December. Overall it seems to be working fine however after it was hooked up we found out that our DVD-R and VCR was not able to record different programs other than the one we were watching. After I called the service tech, he was of no help, and told me to call the customer help for my DVD-R and VCR. I was able to rewire my cable into the DVD-R and then the cable box and can record different programs on my DVD-R but only up to Channel 49. Does anyone know if there is a solution to this other than paying extra to rent a DVR from Verizon?

  40. OK Here in Portland Oregon (as you may have read above) we finally got FiOS TV a couple of days ago in my area (Tigard-Sherwood area) and have had nothing but success with it. Although Verizon absolutely has the WORST customer service (we had a long standing DSL issue with them a while back-dont get me started) the service on the FioS side has been nothing short of spectacular. Now that I’ve said this, it’ll probably adhere to Murphy’s Law and the whole shebang will probably blow up in my face 🙂
    But as of now, the internet and TV are flawless. They have done everything as they said they would and the picture quality is great. There have been a coupl eof small hiccups, (channels not changing speedily/properly, guide issues etc) but the dude who hooked up our TV said that those things might happen and they would be resloved within 24 hours of activation and they were (to my surprise!) I can’t speak to the functionality of the Verizon/Motorola remote as I immediately set up our Harmony to work with it. Zero issues. I hope everyone else either got what they wanted out of Verizon or got their service fixed. Looks like I was one of the lucky ones…

  41. Folks. Regarding pixelation with your video on demand, etc. If you have a 611 model ONT on the side of your house you very likely need a low-pass filter put on your coax cable leaving the ONT. If you are having pixelation problems go out to your ONT to see what model you have. If it says 611 anywhere on it you need to check the coaxial wire between the ONT and the video splitter to see if the technician installed a Low Pass filter (it says Low Pass right on the thing). If you don’t have one you need to put in a service call to get one. Nothing they do remotely is going to fix the problem. I install FiOS every day, all day and I see this problem regularly. Hope this helps.

  42. FiOS: In Richmond it was marketed before the their systems and staff were ready. Result: a nightmare to set up. Now, tho, TV, Internet, and phones are working well. BUT, as with any technology, there are occasional problems, and the tech support menu is torture. I have found that their installers and local tech people are very good. Have had to replace the Internet / PC router (that should not happen in just 7 months!) and have trouble sometimes with one TV remote.

    Question: we had a Pioneer plasma TV installed by Best Buy. Their guy said that with FiOS we cannot use most of the TV features and adjustments (such as color and PIP). Can this be true? The HD pix are great – at least as good as what I have seen on Comcast – but are too vivid. What’s the deal?

  43. I had the same exact issue. I finally got them to come to the house. they were there for over 6 hours. first they replaced the router with a newer router. then they replaced the ONT (box on outside of house) then they replaced the battery backup and some of the cabling. Called in another guy, and ended up replacing a $2 splitter and suddenly wala, it works again. it has been working fine now for the past week. yeah!

  44. The FiOS group is trained to say you cannot go back to copper/DSL and no amount of escalation will help you return to DSL; however, it will help if you escalate to another group. For anyone wanting to go back to copper and DSL, complain to Media Relations for your area (http://newscenter.verizon.com/media-contacts/). He/She will most likely refer you to someone in Customer Relations who will let you go back to DSL. VZ has invested a lot of money in FiOS and does NOT want customers reverting back to copper. It doesn’t look good in their FiOS numbers reported to Wall Street. VZ is SUPPOSED to tell you you can never go back to copper BEFORE they do the installation and have you SIGN (in writing or electronically) an authorization to pull the copper. I was not advised before installation.

  45. I recently had fios installed in my home. Let’s just say it was about as uncomfortable as sleeping in your mother-in-laws dining room. The technician was nice enough but seemed to know more about car stereos than he did about fios. He refused to put up a backboard to mount all of this new equipment to and he kept saying over and over how “hot” he was keeping it. I don’t even know what that means. Nothing works right, my internet service has never worked. The technician said he needed to use 2 routers for some reason. I certainly hope that this isn’t the best verizon can do. I’ve cancelled the service–welcome back good old cable tv.

  46. We had FIOS installed on Dec10th”07.I have spend hours on the phone and sent many e’mails to customer service. We have not received our letter from Verizon to get the Advertised free TV. Here it is Feb 12th and every {excuse }or lie you can think of has been told to us. They have gone so far as to say we weren’t hooked up until Jan.31st 2008 according to their records in their computer!!! I have all the documents proving day of Dec10. Doesn’t seem to matter that I am being billed for Fios since DEC.10th.Talk about dealing with a bunch of stone heads ,I believe Verizon hired them all!!! I wrote a letter to a vice pres of relation’s they have been trying to reach me,but every time I call back the number they give me I get voice mail,saying all reps are busy. I leave my number to call back ,You guessed right, “NO RETURN CASLLS!!!

  47. I have had fios for about 5 hours now and all of a sudden a white box with a gray border around it showed up in the center right side of my screen. How do i get rid of it?

  48. Here’s a good one for you.. I went to work for Verizon.. While in training I got my fios internet and tv hooked up. They were at my home for 9 hours for install.. To me thats really rediculous.. Anywho.. I was working in customer service for verizon. It was ok.. but when you get on the floor to sell service.. they basically have you lie to the customers to have them sign a 2 year agreement of service. Well I chose to be truthful to the customers because no one likes to be lied to. So my sales suffered. Plus I had to pay full price for my package even though I was an employee. I was paying $124.65 for my 2 services with 2 hd boxes. I thought that was a little too expensive. Well I decited to look for another job and was hired at the local cable company Brighthouse. What a relief!! They train you the way you should be and for customer satisfaction. Plus I get free cable with all premium channels and all other channels that arent ppv, I get ppv’s 40% off (events and movies), free internet, and phone for $19.00 a month (employee price) WOW!! And install took about 1 1/2 hours. But of corse I had to pay verizon $179.99 to cancel my service with them. If you ask me.. I think for as big as a company they are.. they could do better. My co workers there knew almost nothing about hd. Brighthouse had hd training for their customer service reps to help customers when they call in. I just wanted to warn everyone about getting fios.. you may have been lied to just so they get you in that 2 year agreement. Oh and if you signed up to get that free tv.. good luck. It taked about 10 weeks after your 1st bill comes out to even think about giving you that offer. Plus if you cancel your fios, you cant give the tv back, you have to pay retail price for it plus you cancellation fee. SO EVERYONE PLEASE BEWARE!!!

  49. I greatly regret switching from Comcast where I had no problems to the hell that is known as Verizon FIOS! Several days without phone, internet or TV service, many, many hours on hold and dealing with incompetent and sometimes rude customer service, along with failure to adhere to promised credits and quoted prices. It’s completely unacceptable. They have no solutions or compensation for you. It’s like they’re begging you to go back to Comcast by their indifferent service. Three times we take off from work and lose money to wait for techs who never show up and nobody ever calls. One support rep told me he would never use Verizon. He says he has Comcast himself! Another rep informed me that I don’t have FIOS and never did. Soon I think I won’t…

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