* Choosy Cats Choose Obama

Cat pundit.

I was chatting with Rick Klau today. (Whoo hoo! Name dropping! My traffic will soar now!) About how my cat regularly picks Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton. Here’s the explanation from our chat session:

me: One of my cats repeatedly has chosen Obama when given the choice between Obama and Hillary Clinton. I keep meaning to blog about that.

Rick: nice!

me: Put your fingers in a V shape, assign one candidate to each finger, “point” the V at the cat and see which finger he sniffs first. Pudge has picked Obama 90% of the time with three different people.

Rick: i’d bet on those odds

me: Pesky doesn’t seem to care. Actually, Pesky is outside a lot more than Pudge, which gives Pudge more time to contemplate politics.

Rick: typical new england independent


me: Maybe I’ll just blog this portion of our chat, if that’s OK with you.

And, yes, my cats are named for the foul poles at Fenway Park. Can you tell I’m a Red Sox fan? As you were.

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