* American Idol S07E22: Top 11: The Beatles

AI season 7 episode 22.

1. Amanda Overmyer – “Back In The USSR.” I think she’ll be in trouble going first, but this is a rockin’ song. My band does it. Again we’re having trouble making out the lyrics. And she’s off key off bit at the start. She should just stick to the melody. She’s trying too hard to rock this up, but it’s already a rocking song. I think this was a mixed bag. Randy said 7 out of 10 (watch the pitch). Paula spoke. Simon said it was a mess in parts, was predictable, said she was in danger of becoming boring. Amanda said that ballads are boring. Simon said her tickets aren’t on sale yet. She gets points for being witty and likable, but I still think she’s in trouble.

2. Kristy Lee Cook – “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.” Kristy should not still be in this competition. She likes dogs. She reminds us that she’s been in the bottom two three times previously. She had never heard the song before. Hello?! The verse is dragging, and the arrangement sounds too low for her. This is not a singer’s song, and it is in the wrong key. She keeps having to jump octaves. I think this is a mess. Randy said it sounded boring and safe. Paula spoke. Simon said that she is not a good performer, that she needs hypnosis, called her “musical wallpaper,” making no impact. I think she’s in trouble big time.

3. David Archuleta – “The Long And Winding Road.” The last number one song for The Beatles. This is clearly in his sweet spot. And he’s nailing it. This is the kind of artist he is, who he will be if he wins this competition. He’s mostly sticking to the melody, and the arrangement is not distracting. I think he could have a hit with this song today. That was great. Randy said he brought the hotness back. Paula spoke. Simon said it was amazing, called it “master class.” He is totally safe.

4. Michael Johns – “A Day In The Life.” One of his favorite Beatles songs (warning). I keep thinking about the Beatles/Radiohead mashup “Karma In The Life.” The first part was a bit rough, especially the falsetto. He sounded a bit like the Moody Blues in the second half, which is a good thing. But overall it was rough. Too complicated of a song to cram into 90 seconds. Randy said it wasn’t one of his good ones. Paula spoke. Simon thought it was a mess, told him he needs to nail the song and that it wasn’t good enough. I think he is in trouble.

5. Brooke White – “Here Comes The Sun.” She nailed it. Oh wait, she has to sing first. She has a great speaking voice, which is probably why she has such a great singing voice. Here we go. She is sticking to the melody but seems to be missing some of the low notes. I don’t like the “doo doo” parts. It was good but not great. Randy thought it was awkward. Paula spoke. Simon thought it was terrible. called it all about song choice. She was very hard on herself. I’m not sure how America will react.

6. David Cook – “Day Tripper.” Doing the White Snake version (or were they “Quiet Riot”? – a Simpsons reference). He is playing his guitar and looking very comfortable on stage. This is a great song and arrangement for him. His singing seems to get stronger every week. Maybe he’s not just another Daughtry. Cool, a voice box! That’s an Idol first! The judges will love it. He’s acting like a winner. Randy called it another song at a David Cook concert, said it was solid. Paula spoke. Simon said it wasn’t as good as David thought it was, called the coda stupid, called David smug, said he’s lost his element of surprise. Simon is crazy. He’s safe.

7. Carly Smithson – “Blackbird.” Again, I love the cover from the “I Am Sam” soundtrack by Sarah McLachlan. This version is very much like that one. It seems a tad too fast. The modulation was unnecessary, and she tripped over some words. I don’t think she should be belting the high notes as much. This is a sensitive song are requires delicate handling. A mixed bag for me. Randy said it was great, cool-iosis. Paula spoke. Simon thought it was indulgent, didn’t like it. Carly spoke back and made Simon feel uncomfortable. I’m not sure how America will react.

8. Jason Castro – “Michelle.” Didn’t know “my belle” was French. He gets past the French part smoothly. Is he a mimbo? He looks uncomfortable on stage. The quiet beginning was better than the middle. He would have been better just sitting on the stage than walking around. Sung OK but performed awkwardly. Simon said it was alright (in a bad way). Paula spoke. Simon said tonight’s show is weird. Simon said Jason’s face sold it. Likes his goofiness and charm. I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’s safe.

9. Syesha Mercado – “Yesterday” is one of the only pop songs to use seven-measure phrases. It’s a musical masterpiece. She could use a masterpiece tonight to save her place in this competition. I think this is too high. And she is getting ahead of the guitar and not sticking to the melody. It’s a hard song to sing because of the seven-measure phrasing. This is kind of a mess. Too high, too may runs. Randy said it was very good. Paula spoke. Simon thought it was her best so far. I don’t think it was nearly as good as the judges thought, but I think she’ll be safe.

10. Chikezie – “I’ve Just Seen A Face.” I don’t know this song. Slow at the start, a bit rough. Is this a country song? Some harmonica by Chikezie at the bridge. Is this a blues song? Now he’s cranking it into high gear. Is this a bluegrass rock song? And then it’s over. I don’t know what to make of this song. Creative for sure. Randy thought it was strange but interesting. Paula spoke. Simon thought the harmonica was atrocious. Simon thought it was gimmicky. I’m not sure how America will react.

11. Ramiele Malubay – “I Should Have Known Better.” This not a singer’s song. It started off slow. She yelled in the middle. I am struggling what to say about it. It is not memorable and not a train wreck. Even the big note at the end was a disappointment. Randy liked it, said it was alright (in a good way). Paula spoke. Simon said it sounded amateurish. Said she chose a mediocre song and didn’t show the best of her ability. I think she is in trouble.

This was a weird show. There was one great performance (David A.) and a bunch of “huh?” performances. I think Brooke gets a mulligan this week, Michael is a wildcard for the bottom three. But frankly, I would only be surprised if somebody named David were eliminated.

Bottom three:
1. Amanda Overmyer
2. Kristy Lee Cook
11. Ramiele Malubay

Going home:
2. Kristy Lee Cook

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2 Replies to “* American Idol S07E22: Top 11: The Beatles”

  1. Results from S07E23.

    Bottom three:
    1. Amanda Overmyer
    2. Kristy Lee Cook
    7. Carly Smithson

    Voted off the island:
    1. Amanda Overmyer

    EJH’s score, this week: 67% (2/3)
    EJH’s score, cumulative: 65% (11/17)

  2. Consensus in our household was that Syesha’s performance was terrible (we couldn’t understand the judges’ positive reactions at all), Chikezie’s combination lullaby/hoedown was quite bizarre, we’re all tired of Amanda now, and Brooke gave a fine display of “parent dancing” (and she’s not even a parent yet!). I might have liked Carly’s performance more if Sarah McLachlan’s version weren’t so perfect. David Cook is my favorite hands down but I also like Jason’s goofy charm (plus he’s from Texas!).

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