* Clock Tower Law Group’s 7th Birthday

My website enters its 12 year today, my law firm enters its 8th year today.

It’s our 7th birthday today. Happy birthday to us.

Our website has changed. Again.

Clock Tower Law Group is hiring. Either for a 2L patent clerk or for a 3L associate. Possibly both. Applicants must have passed the patent bar. Our office is in Maynard, about 20 miles west of Boston.

Speaking of happy blank days, I should acknowledge that Monday was Saint Patrick’s Day, and last year I told Rick Klau that I’d die my hair green if he was still at FeedBurner on 03/17/08. Technically, Rick is no longer at FeedBurner, he’s at Google (which acquired FeedBurner). A judge once said that a perfect case has an 80% chance of winning, and, by the way, yours is not a perfect case. So I’m not sure I would have won the bet with Rick. Good thing Rick forgot.

And yes, the green hair thing was on my calendar.

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One Reply to “* Clock Tower Law Group’s 7th Birthday”

  1. Erik-
    First, congratulations on the web site make-over. Nicely done. Its great to see the brand assets you’ve helped protect through your law practice.

    Second, I find it entertaining to see where some of the core alumni of Inherent.Com have ended up over the years (this being like the 13th year since we all began in earnest to move the legal profession to a digital economy. You’ve done very well, ending up here practicing law. Rick has certainly fared equally well having had his company acquired by Google. I’ve had a real adventurous road from ICI to Netscape, to MedicaLogic/Medscape, to the venture capital world, and now to what I humbly assert may end up being my professional legacy: the Open Source Digital Voting Foundation. Come have a look at this imperative movement to restore trust in the vote in a digital democracy at http://www.osdv.org and my blog at http://www.osdv.org/blog/gmiller.
    Best wishes on your Firm’s 7th birthday

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