* American Idol S07E24: Top 10: Birth Year Songs

AI season 7 episode 24.

1. Ramiele Malubay. She bites. I hope that’s not foreshadowing. “Alone.” This is a good song choice for her. She’s out of breath and a bit flat on the low notes. Shouty and sharp on the high notes. Decent but not great. Randy says she’s sick, chose the wrong song, was pitchy. Paula is in the middle seat. Simon thought it was better than last week and that she’ll get through again this week. I think she’s in trouble.

2. Jason Castro. It’s his birthday. “Fragile.” He is so much more comfortable behind his acoustic guitar. I don’t recognize this song but I like it. Now I recognize it. I think it’s good that Jason sounds like Jason and not like Sting. This is great. Smooth and soulful. They’ll love it. Perhaps his best to date. Randy said great song choice, alright (in a good way). Paula is in the middle seat. Simon said he needs to take this more seriously, has had two bad weeks in a row, called it clumsy. I think Simon is way off tonight. He is safe.

3. Syesha Mercado. Does the annoying baby cry again. Yuck! “If I Were Your Woman.” What the heck is this song? Does it have a melody? A beat? She is singing it on key. And well. But I won’t remember it. Randy said it was her best yet. Paula is in the middle seat. Simon said the song stretched her vocal abilities (which is bad). I think she’s on the fence.

4. Chikezie. According to his background video, he is still Nigerian. “If Only For One Night.” Back to the ballad. A little shaky on the falsetto. A little shouty on the chorus. It’s like it’s multiple songs in one. That’s kind of his trademark. He sang it well, but I don’t think it was a memorable performance. Randy said it felt old school, didn’t love it. Paula is in the middle seat. Simon said it was sung well but cheesy. Then Chikezie interrupted Simon, not cool. I think he’s in trouble.

5. Brooke White. Started playing the piano by ear as a child. “Every Breath You Take.” Slipped on the beginning. Are her nerves showing? Now we’re getting a piano version of this song which is very good. I’m not loving the addition of the band. Should have just been Brooke and the piano. Her vocals are getting lost in the middle section. Good but not great. Randy didn’t like the arrangement, didn’t like the addition of the band. Didn’t I just write that? Paula is in the middle seat. Simon also didn’t like the band part but said it was good enough to keep her in for another week. I think she’s safe.

6. Michael Johns. “We Are the Champions.” He is finally having his moment singing the heck out of Queen. This is almost not fair to the other contestants. Only one or two hiccups on the high notes, but it sent shivers down my spine at times. Randy said it was his best performance on Idol. Paula is in the middle seat. Simon saw star potential, said he got it right, looked like a front person (for a band). Said it was the only memorable performance tonight. So far at least. He’s safe by a mile.

7. Carly Smithson. Is named for Carly Simon. “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” She makes funny faces when she sings. And has an odd tone on some of the vowels. I’m finding this grating and annoying. Ending was weird. It was loud. But not very good. Randy said it was OK (in a bad way), said it was the wrong song choice. Paula is in the middle seat. Simon said something was not quite right, said she looked tense and uptight. I think she is in trouble.

8. David Archuleta. Might miss the prom. “You’re the Voice.” I don’t know this song. It sounds thin at the beginning. This is a bad song. It has about three notes. Sounds more like chanting than singing. It was in tune but yuck. Randy said it was very nice besides being a strange song choice. Paula is in the middle seat. Simon didn’t like it at all, called it a theme park performance. Exactly. But the girls love him so he’s safe.

9. Kristy Lee Cook. Was loud as a kid. “God Bless The USA.” I hate this song. OK, “hate” is too strong of a word. I hope I never hear this song again. There is no depth to her voice. Her runs were all over the place. A horrible modulation. Pandering. Randy thought it was very nice. Paula is in the middle seat. Simon said it was her best performance by a mile, called the song choice clever. I think it was pandering for votes. Were the judges listening to the same song? I think she is in trouble.

10. David Cook. Looked like a super-villain as a child. “Billie Jean.” This is a brilliant arrangement of this song that could be a hit today. This is his version. Another David Cook concert. The second memorable performance of the night. Wow! Way cool. Randy said he’s the most bold contestant ever, said he could win American Idol. Paula is in the middle seat. Simon said it was brave, amazing. He is safe by a mile.

Again, the men out-sang the women. And most of the viewers are women. Or girls. So Chikezie gets a bye week.

Bottom three:
1. Ramiele Malubay
7. Carly Smithson
9. Kristy Lee Cook

Going home:
7. Carly Smithson

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2 Replies to “* American Idol S07E24: Top 10: Birth Year Songs”

  1. Results from S07E25 (aka one crazy results show).

    Bottom three:
    2. Jason Castro
    3. Syesha Mercado
    4. Chikezie

    Voted off the island:
    4. Chikezie

    EJH’s score, this week: 0% (0/3) – that’s a first
    EJH’s score, cumulative: 55% (11/20) – barely better than a coin flip

    Maybe I’ll stop blogging. I should never have pointed out that I went 12/12 last year. I jinxed myself.

  2. I’m glad somebody felt the same way as me about Kristy Lee’s performance. I was waiting for the judges to hate it and then about had a heart attack. I think Fox forced Simon to say it was great because otherwise they might appear anti-American. She’s outclassed by the other singers and has no stage presence.

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