* American Idol S07E31: Top 7: Mariah Carey Songs

AI season 7 episode 31.

My expectations were low for today’s show. I have over 6000 songs in my iTunes library, but zero of them are Mariah songs. Mariah Carey turned out to be a very good vocal coach. The women generally disappointed, the men were generally pleasing. No obvious train wrecks, no obvious standouts. A real meh of a night.

Btw, I think that S07E29 was Idol Gives Back, and S07E30 was the top 8 results show.

6. David Cook – “Always Be My Baby.” I thought this was rough and off-key at the beginning. It started to pick up steam when David sung the high notes in the middle. The ending was pretty good. Randy said it was the most brilliant performance of the season, said he’s ready to record. Paula Paula Paula. Simon thought it was breath of fresh air, original, daring, stood out by a mile. I didn’t think it was nearly that good.

7. Jason Castro – “I Don’t Wanna Cry.” Jason has a great recording voice. You don’t have to yell to make a great record. He has a Jack Johnson / John Mayer kind of vibe to him. I really liked it. Randy didn’t love it, said it felt like a beach luau. Paula Paula Paula. Simon thought it was a cool version.

1. David Archuleta – “When You Believe.” Say what you will about this kid, but he can really sing. Personally, it’s not my kind of music, but the girls seem to love him. Randy said it was the bomb (that’s good). Paula Paula Paula. Simon said he performed it very well.

3. Syesha Mercado – “Vanishing.” Three weeks in a row she has picked huge songs from huge singers. Not that she had any choice this week. I’ve never heard this song, and this version is OK. Singing an unknown song will, I think, work in her favor: fewer comparisons to the original. Randy said she did a good job (even though there were a couple pitchy moments). Paula Paula Paula. Simon said it was very good technically, but he said it was a risk singing a song that not many people know.

5. Kristy Lee Cook – “Forever.” Kristy is getting more comfortable in her country role. She did a decent job with this song, and her stage presence was less awkward than it has been. Randy didn’t think it was amazing but had a strong note at the end. Paula Paula Paula. Simon didn’t get chills, said it was whiny at times, wasn’t great.

4. Brooke White – “Hero.” Brooke played guitar during the video, piano during the performance. I kept expecting the band to come in to back up this slower version, but it’s just Brooke. She was shaking visibly and looked like she lost her place a couple of times. It felt rushed. Randy said it was pretty good (but shaky at the bridge). Paula Paula Paula. Simon thought it was like ordering a hamburger and only getting the bun, something was missing, her voice wasn’t strong enough to carry the song.

2. Carly Smithson – “Without You.” This is a Mariah cover of a song sung by somebody in the 1970s (not sure who – I thought it was Eric Carmen, but it might be Air Supply). Carly looks great tonight. Why? Sleeves. Her eyes were closed through most of the song. She did not stick to the melody. Trademark yelling half way through. Randy said the low parts weren’t great but that it was pretty good. Paula Paula Paula. Simon didn’t think she pulled it off, said she over-sung it. I prefer the Ken Lee version of this song from Bulgarian Idol.

Bottom three:
5. Kristy Lee Cook
6. Brooke White
2. Carly Smithson

Going home
2. Carly Smithson

Could also be Brooke going home, kind of a toss-up.

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2 Replies to “* American Idol S07E31: Top 7: Mariah Carey Songs”

  1. Results from S07E32.

    Bottom three:
    2. Syesha Mercado
    4. Brooke White
    5. Kristy Lee Cook

    Voted off the island:
    5. Kristy Lee Cook

    EJH’s score, this week: 67% (2/3)
    EJH’s score, cumulative: 59% (17/29)

  2. After the premature departure of Michael Johns, I’ve decided this entire show is “rigged” and that the votes don’t count. Simon seems a little uptight, to say the least. I often find myself wanting to smack him. Paula Paula Paula yes. And Randy is good. But the whole show is losing steam for me after this Michael Johns thing. He is clearly the best of the bunch. I’ve watched some of his non-Idol performances on YouTube and he’s brilliant. Can’t wait til someone gets a clue and gives him an album deal. Idol can forget it for me. I’m going to spend my time doing something meaninful instead now that I know it’s rigged.

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