8 Replies to “* TBS Screws Up Broadcast Of ALCS Game 6”

  1. TBS is ridiculous anyway. Chip Caray is known to be “The Worst Announcer in Baseball”, and now I see why. I’m not saddened by the Broadcast being on. I watch with audio down and listen to The radio. Much more entertaining then a guy not knowing what he’s talking about and after 6 innings of a game and calling the teams for the World series being Tamp and Philly in game 5, and had to be reminded by Buck Martinez that there was more to play in the game. I don’t know how he was in game 6, because i didn’t listen to the Mother Effer.
    TBS-“The Biased Station”

  2. TBS finally scrolls a message across the screen about “technical difficulties” but is still showing sitcoms. The least they could do is show some BASEBALL.

    Broadcast malpractice. File your complaints with the FTC now.

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