* Dear 2008 Red Sox: Thanks For A Great Season

Win or lose, I’m with you every game, every inning.

Thanks for a great season. Pundits predicted that the Angels would finally defeat the Red Sox in the ALDS, and they were wrong. Pundits predicted that the Rays would walk all over the Red Sox in the ALCS, and the Sox made a series of it. And although the 2008 season ends without a trip to the World Series, it was, by any reasonable measure, a great season.

I am reminded of a quote from the great article by Raymond Angelo Belliotti entitled Nine Principles of Baseball and Life (read the whole thing):

The results of your performance are not fully under your control. The other team may be very good, or very bad. The bounces may go your way, or not. But your behavior and approach are under your control. At the end of the game, you, perhaps only, know whether you gave 100%, whether you did all you could to help your team. Those players who did are winners, those players who did not are losers, regardless of what the scoreboard says. Winners take care of the things within their control, enjoy their participation, and are justifiable proud of their effort. Losers make excuses, lose their poise readily, wallow in self-pity, and surrender at the slightest sign of adversity.

To the 2008 Red Sox I say, thank you and you are winners.

Lest we forget, these are the good old days for the Boston Red Sox. Here’s a look at the roster for the 2008 Red Sox and those of the 2007 and 2004 championship Red Sox teams. I’ve bolded players that carried over to the 2008 season (in one way or another).

2008 Red Sox Postseason Roster

2007 Red Sox Postseason Roster

2004 Red Sox Postseason Roster


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Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in 117 days. Go Sox!

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  1. So Varitek better take that offer because the carry overs list is getting shorter and shorter. What do you think of the “new” logo?!

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