* Domain Parking Alternatives: DevHub vs. WhyPark

More monetization options for domainers.

Over the weekend, I experimented with setting up some of my (formerly parked) domain names with domain parking alternatives DevHub and WhyPark.

I setup the Finnweb.com website as a resource for Finnish products and the like with DevHub. One problem with DevHub (it’s still in beta) is that it is serving ads based on the word “Finn” rather than the “Finland OR Finnish” keywords I selected.

The others I set up with WhyPark:

  1. Auto Bailout
  2. Book, Movie, and Music Reviews
  3. Buzz Marketing
  4. Cancer News
  5. Church Blog
  6. Entertainment Patent Lawyers
  7. Fertility Info
  8. Game Patent Lawyers
  9. Get MORE FOR Your Money
  10. Grinding
  11. Home Loan News
  12. Jewelry Store
  13. Newspaper Industry
  14. Patent Lawyer Directory
  15. Pilot Blog
  16. Politics
  17. Restaurant Reviews
  18. Restaurant Reviews
  19. Restaurant Reviews
  20. Rowing Info
  21. Science Law
  22. Seat Finder
  23. Shoulder Surgery
  24. Skirt Store
  25. Social Networking
  26. Sports Patent Lawyers
  27. Stove Shop
  28. Stuff That Sucks
  29. Theater Info
  30. There Is No Blog
  31. Toy Patent Lawyers
  32. Twitter News

WhyPark is clearly the more mature platform, but they made it really difficult to find basic info like what the DNS servers should be. Also, basic WhyPark websites cost money ($100 for 100 sites, more or less) and appear to be much less interesting than DevHub’s sites (which are free).

Time will tell which prevails, but both appear to be good alternative to “traditional” domain parking companies such as DomainSponsor and Sedo.

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