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Last updated 2005-06-17.

The following directory of Clock Tower Place (CTP) tenants (and alumni) is provided as a service to the CTP community. Please send corrections and updates to info@lawlawlaw.com.

Clock Tower Place tenants are also encourage to join the clocktowerplace-tenants mailing list (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/clocktowerplace-tenants/), An unofficial (but helpful) discussion group for tenants of Clock Tower Place.

Clock Tower Place Tenants

  1. Applied Analytics, Inc.
    Applied Analytics, Inc. manufactures on-line process analyzers and sampling systems for a variety of production and environmental application for the Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Pharmaceutical Industries.
  2. Aprilis Inc.
    Aprilis was founded in 1999 in Cambridge, Massachusetts with a mission of becoming the world leader in high capacity optical storage.
  3. Axia Systems Technology
    Axia Systems Technology is a leading technology market provider of enterprise intelligent information systems and Internet security solutions. It provides a comprehensive and complete suite of innovative network security products intelligent systems.
  4. BayTrust Corporation
    BayTrust is a nonprofit that partners with municipalities on historic preservation projects.
  5. Beacon Technology Partners
    Beacon Technology Partners specializes in qualitative and quantitative market research and consulting, primarily in the high-tech fields of electronics, computers, software, services, the Internet, and the World Wide Web.
  6. Belarc
    Belarc, Inc. develops and licenses Internet based products which help make personal computers easier to use and maintain by large and small business users and individual consumers.
  7. Blackfriars Communications
    Blackfriars Communications provides marketing and communications services for high tech, biotech, and venture capital companies.
  8. Boardwalk Marketing Group
    Boardwalk Marketing Group Inc. provides specialized marketing programs for high-tech companies.
  9. Burr Wolff
    Burr Wolff is the nation’s leading full-service provider of property tax and sales & use tax software products, consulting services, compliance outsourcing and information.
  10. Capital Benefits Group, The
    The Capital Benefits Group, Inc., formed in 1989, is an independent brokerage and consulting firm specializing in corporate employee benefits for small and large businesses.
  11. CIOview
    CIOview is the industry standard provider of software products that configure, cost, and compare technology solutions, so that IT professionals make better purchasing decisions.
  12. Class Action Fairness Group
  13. Clock Tower Law Group
    Patent and trademark law firm.
  14. Corporate Chefs
    Food service company.
  15. Covergence, Inc.
    Covergence was established in February 2004 to meet the growing security needs of organizations as they deploy real-time voice, video, Instant Messaging, Web conferencing and collaborative workspaces based on the IETF SIP protocol.
  16. Cypress Communications
    Cypress Communications, Inc., a leading provider of in-building broadband communications services to businesses located in commercial office buildings throughout the United States, is a wholly owned subsidiary of USRealTel, Inc.
  17. Dario Designs Inc.
    Dario Designs Inc. is the only architectural firm in the world that specializes strictly in the design of newspaper and printing facilities.
  18. Deitel & Associates
    Deitel & Associates is an internationally recognized corporate training and publishing organization specializing in programming languages, Internet/World Wide Web technology and object technology education.
  19. DesignApps
    DesignApps, Inc. helps companies create and manage effective web sites without the need for technical knowledge.
  20. DeVA Systems Group Inc
    DeVA Systems Group, Inc. is a full service network integrator specializing in server centric, thin-client, WAN, and security solutions.
  21. Diamond Technologies
    Diamond Technologies is a leading New England distributor focused on and specializing in PC Based Control software, Fieldbus based I/O systems and related products.
  22. Earthwatch Institute
    The mission of the Earthwatch Institute is to promote sustainable conservation of our natural resources and cultural heritage by creating partnerships between scientists, educators and the general public.
  23. Emerson Hospital Finance and Marketing
    Emerson Hospital, located in Concord, Massachusetts, offers a wide range of medical, surgical, and specialty care to more than 220,000 individuals in 25 towns.
  24. Emerson Hospital Homecare
    Emerson Hospital, located in Concord, Massachusetts, offers a wide range of medical, surgical, and specialty care to more than 220,000 individuals in 25 towns.
  25. Epsilon Associates, Inc.
    Epsilon Associates, Inc. provides environmental engineering, environmental analyses, licensing, permitting, and compliance services for clients in Massachusetts and the Northeast.
  26. EstateWorks
    EstateWorks provides estate planning and settlement professionals with a web-based system to track client data and streamline information flow. Formerly PassingData and FamilyFiles.
  27. Exalpha Biologicals, Inc.
    Product for scientific discovery. Antibodies, assays, drug discovery, flow cytometry.
  28. Experion Systems, Inc.
    Experion Systems provides automated advice technology used by retail financial institution personnel to identify the best financial product(s) for their customers.
  29. Exponent, Inc.
  30. FishEye Software Inc
    FishEye Software is an outstanding provider of real-time embedded software solutions.
  31. Flow Metrix
    Flow Metrix, Inc. began life in 1995 with the mission of providing advanced leak detection solutions to the water, gas and petroleum pipeline industry.
  32. Foss and Company
    Real estate finance company providing tax-sheltered real estate investments in affordable housing and historic rehabilitation to corporate investors.
  33. G2G Productions
    As a professional interactive design firm, G2G offers a full suite of interactive services from concept to strategy to implementation.
  34. Gold’s Gym
    Five clubs for the price of one. 23 alliance clubs, physical therapy, cardiovascular area, monthly fitness seminars, Pro Shop, aerobic/fitness classes, and strength equipment.
  35. Googleplex Technologies
    Device programming & prototype engineering services.
  36. Home Direct, USA
  37. Inceptor, Inc.
    Inceptor(tm), Inc. is the first provider of conversion marketing software and services that deliver complete command and control of online marketing initiatives into the hands of professional marketers.
  38. Insight Product Development
    User research, interface design, industrial design, engineering, and prototyping.
  39. Integratec (Universal Companies)
  40. InterTest, Inc.
  41. Iron Lore Entertainment
    Iron Lore is dedicated to creating top quality, blockbuster games in a professional, fun environment.
  42. Kaon Interactive Inc.
    Kaon Interactive Inc. is the leading provider of 3D photorealistic content for the Web.
  43. Kayak Software Corporation
    Kayak.com is the most comprehensive and objective source for online travel information.
  44. Lever Ventures
    Lever Ventures LLC is an M&A adviser and Venture Capital firm.
  45. Market One Associates
    MarketOne has the knowledge and experience needed to develop sales opportunities in complex purchasing environments.
  46. Maynard Council on Aging
    The Council on Aging serves seniors, the disabled, and persons in transition.
  47. Maynard Medical Center
  48. Michael Cattafe Associates
    Industrial design, mechanical engineering, advanced development, human factors, graphics, and marketing communications services.
  49. Middlesex Savings Bank
    The largest independent bank in Central Massachusetts and the 6th largest mutual bank in the country.
  50. Millogic Ltd.
    Millogic is an electronic product design consulting company providing the highest caliber of design capability and expertise to current and emerging technology companies.
  51. Molecular Systems of New England Inc.
    Established in 1983, Molecular Systems of New England Inc. brings more than 20 years of experience to the repair and preventive maintenance of machinery, equipment, buildings, and structures.
  52. Monster.Com
    Monster.com is the leading global online network for careers, connecting the most progressive companies with the most qualified career-minded individuals. Monster.com is the flagship brand of TMP Worldwide (http://www.tmp.com/).
  53. Mulberry Child Care
    In a highly demanding field, Mulberry Child Care Centers has emerged as one of the country’s top child care providers.
  54. Nanoptek Corporation
    Nanoptek creates high-value differentiated photolytic, photovoltaic, and photocatalytic products.
  55. NorthEast Monitoring
    NorthEast Monitoring, Inc. was founded in for the purpose of developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art Holter monitoring software.
  56. Oak Associates
    Oak Associates has developed its winning approach and consulting team through over a decade of hard work and dedication.
  57. OmegaQuest
  58. OmniViz
    Providing information visualization and data mining solutions for life and chemical sciences.
  59. Optical Alchemy
    Optical Alchemy is an engineering and product development firm. Its role is to provide CTOs and engineering managers with a range of optical design services from concept development to engineering to prototyping. Applications include laser diode coupling optics and waveguides to fiber optics.
  60. Optram Inc
    Optram Inc. is a provider of sophisticated information system technology that empowers organizations to optimize the reliability, safety, and profitability of their corridor assets.
  61. Orchid Technologies Engineering & Consulting Inc.
    Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting, Inc. specializes in the design and production of high technology electronic products.
  62. Passaic Parc, Inc.
    Advertising agency.
  63. Payright Payroll Services
    Founded in 1989 with the mission of providing the best possible service with reasonable prices while retaining a user friendly environment for our customers.
  64. Pressed4Time
    Dry cleaning and shoe repair, pick-up and delivery service franchise.
  65. Prosoft Systems
    Software development company.
  66. QuadTech Inc.
    QuadTech manufactures a complete line of AC/DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond, and Leakage Current Testers for production and compliance testing on a wide range of electrical products and appliances.
  67. Ryka, Inc.
    Since 1987, RYKÄ has been designing and developing athletic footwear for women.
  68. S.J. Services
    Cleaning and maintenance services.
  69. SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
    SANBlaze Technology designs and delivers solutions that address complex and multifunction storage and networking requirements.
  70. Shareholder.com
    Shareholder.com is the industry innovator in the development of empowering technologies for communicating with investors and complying with Regulation Fair Disclosure.
  71. SiCortex Inc.
    SiCortex designs, builds, and markets next generation Linux clusters for demanding technical applications.
  72. Signal Integrity Software
    Signal Integrity Software provides solutions to the problems of designing high-speed silicon and systems by delivering a comprehensive design methodology, software tools, and expert consulting for leading electronic systems manufacturers.
  73. Signator Financial Network
  74. SiteScape, Inc.
    SiteScape is a leading provider of Web-based, business-to-business collaborative solutions, including software, support, and customization and hosting services.
  75. Spryance
    Spryance Inc. is a business-to-business enterprise that allows companies in industrialized countries to outsource transaction services to companies in emerging markets.
  76. Support Fusion
    SupportFusion offers a dynamic CRM system that can be used to organize the information in your business.
  77. Synarc
    Synarc is the world’s largest radiology service focused exclusively on clinical trials for global drug development.
  78. Technology Barn
    Founded in 2000,Technology Barn, LLC has delivered expert strategic counsel and efficient tactical solutions to industry leaders such as: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Altaworks Corporation, State Street and AT&T/Comcast.
  79. Think Marketing, Inc.
    Think Marketing, Inc. is a graphic design agency and production company
  80. Tizor
    TIZOR has developed a new, patent-pending approach to automating internal auditing and security.
  81. Trade Sources, Inc.
  82. True North Technologies
    True North develops and manufactures custom products for marine, air, and land-based applications with a concentration on heading/attitude (tilt) sensors and electronic compassing.
  83. Tyndall Design
  84. Ucentric Systems
    Founded in June 1999, Ucentric Systems provides the only complete home networking software platform that delivers a full-range of IP-based entertainment and communication services to every corner of the home.
  85. Vadar Systems
    A highly specialized municipal and financial software company providing state of the art tax management, property tax collection, billing, and financial accounting software systems.
  86. Veridiem Inc.
    Veridiem, Inc. provides software and services to help companies quantify, analyze and forecast the impact of all their marketing investments on top-line revenue and bottom-line business results.
  87. Verne Q. Powell Flute Company
    Powell Handmade instruments are crafted to the exact specifications of each customer.
  88. Virtual High School
    The Virtual High School is a collaborative of participating high schools; for every semester a participating school offers a VHS NetCourse, that school can enroll up to 20 students in VHS courses.
  89. Visual Communications
    Visual Communications is a full-service graphic design firm helping companies and organizations compete more effectively in the marketplace of ideas and commerce.
  90. WARM2Kids, Inc.
    WARM2Kids Charitable Foundation is dedicated to supporting development, education, and empowerment as a means to help our youth achieve their potential.
  91. WiFiMed Inc.
    WiFiMed is the developer of Tablet MD(TM), an integrated, mobile, tablet-based solution to manage patient visits using its patent-pending Patient Workflow Process (PWP).
  92. WiZones
    WiZones provides secure WiFi Internet Services in public venues by leveraging wireless networking technologies and its proprietary operations support systems.
  93. WT Chen
    WT Chen is a proven, no-nonsense enterprise outsourcing and systems integration service provider. Our mission is to enable our clients to harness the power, performance, flexibility, reliability, and productivity of their IT resources to quickly produce and process decision making information.
  94. Yacobian Group, The
    THE YACOBIAN GROUP, LLC provides retail training solutions which are changing the buying experience for our clients’ customers.

Clock Tower Place Alumni

  1. 495 Networking Group
  2. Advanced Care Pharmacy, Inc.
  3. America Online, Inc
    America Online, Inc., a division of AOL Time Warner, is the world’s leader in interactive services, Web brands, Internet technologies, and e-commerce services.
  4. Anthony Corey Neckwear
  5. AP Engines Inc.
    AP Engines provides the industry’s only complete OSS integration platform for telephony and broadband service providers.
  6. Apecs Inc.
  7. BEA Systems
    BEA Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAS) is one of the world’s leading e-business infrastructure software companies, with more than 13,000 customers around the world, including the majority of the Fortune Global 500.
  8. Boston Atlantic Technology
    Boston Atlantic Technology, Inc., BAT, is a leading consulting firm focused on providing expert B2B integration and Internet solutions development services specializing in using XML technology.
  9. Boston Cannons
    Major League Lacrosse team.
  10. Breakaway Solutions, Inc.
    Breakaway Solutions is the leading Full Service Provider (FSP) that delivers integrated strategy, implementation and application hosting solutions.
  11. Cape Heights, Inc.
  12. Cirrus Wireless
    Cirrus Wireless delivers rich applications to the mobile professional for enterprise, B2B and high-end consumer applications.
  13. Dash.com
  14. Delphi Comm. Systems, Inc.
    Delphi Communication Systems, Inc. is a recognized industry leader in digital signal processing based software solutions for voice and data communications.
  15. Digital Goods
  16. e-Resolve
    e-Resolve Corporation is the leading supplier of software and application-hosting services for Web-based Customer Interaction (WCI) applications that provide small and medium sized enterprises, dot-com companies, system integrators (SIs), Application Service Providers (ASPs) and technical product and software vendors with an economic, rapid deployment solution for customer care and workflow management over the Internet.
  17. Eco Systems
  18. EDS
    EDS, the leading global services company, provides strategy, implementation and hosting for clients managing the business and technology complexities of the digital economy.
  19. Enermetrix.com
    Enermetrix serves businesses that buy and sell energy or manage energy-related needs. Acquired by CES International in 06/2002.
  20. Experion Systems, Inc.
    Experion Systems provides automated advice technology used by retail financial institution personnel to identify the best financial product(s) for their customers.
  21. Geek Boutique, The
    Computer store.
  22. Glennon Peck Travel
  23. Harpell
    Harpell delivers integrated marketing services to technology companies in telecommunications, software, hardware and business service industries.
  24. Havana Joe
    Branded footwear manufacturer/wholesaler of footwear manufactured in Spain. Known for our clean simple designs in both men’s and women’s footwear.
  25. International Planning
    IT market sizing, HR consulting, and product research.
  26. Investa Capital Corp.
  27. JumpJot, Inc.
    JumpJot develops technology that lets consumers scan a barcode to reach a web site.
  28. Lineo
  29. Lucent Technologies
    Formerly Spring Tide Networks (http://www.springtidenet.com/) at this location.
  30. LUMAPATH, Inc.
    LumaPath automatically delivers relevant information, the exact instant it matters to your laptop or wireless device.
  31. Mahoney’s Copying & Printing
    Copying, printing, and other services.
  32. Media Per Second
    Creative media presentations for marketing and education in the digital world.
  33. National Cleaning Service
    Cleaning and maintenance services.
  34. New England Restaurant Company
  35. Open World
  36. Palm, Inc.
    Formerly peanutpress.com (http://www.peanutpress.com/) at this location. The first electronic book publisher to offer contemporary fiction and non-fiction books, newspapers, and magazines for reading on handheld computers.
  37. Positive Image Personal Training
    Positive Image Personal Training’s mission is to provide people with the latest scientific research in the areas of health and nutrition in order to promote active, healthy lifestyles.
  38. Product Factory
    ProductFactory automates the collection of data, providing portfolio management decision-making support and process management via thin clients on the Internet. Acquired by Agile Software Corporation in 04/2003.
  39. Quantumlight.com
  40. Rob Melone Photography
  41. RPM
    RPM focuses exclusively on service provider markets, including the technologies and products serving them. We use our knowledge, experience, and proven methods to accelerate time-to-market, market penetration, and results. We develop aggressive and innovative strategies and can help quickly implement activities that win new markets.
  42. Salesdriver.com Inc.
    Founded in 1999, SalesDriver has developed the world’s first automated solution for sales managers to build online sales force and channel incentive programs, enabling companies to motivate salespeople to deliver enhanced sales results for unique brand name rewards.
  43. Services Four Automation
  44. Spherion, Inc.
    Spherion Corporation provides recruitment, outsourcing, and technology services.
  45. Spryance
    Spryance Inc. is a business-to-business enterprise that allows companies in industrialized countries to outsource transaction services to companies in emerging markets.
  46. StartUp.com
  47. Stratin Consulting, Inc.
    Stratin Consultants work in partnership with clients to help them achieve business goals and maximize profitability through Strategic Innovation.
  48. SuAsCo Watershed Community Council
    A community-based alliance that promotes the sustainable economic and environmental well-being of the Sudbury-Assabet-Concord River Watershed.
  49. Sudbury Valley Trustees
    Sudbury Valley Trustees is a voluntary association of individuals, families, and businesses committed to protecting wildlife habitat and the ecological integrity of the Sudbury, Assabet, and Concord Rivers for the benefit of present and future generations.
  50. Surf Communications Solutions
    Founded in 1996, Surf Communication Solutions is a leading developer and supplier of data communication protocol and management software that lends flexibility, scalability, and high density to products handling data modem, fax, and voice transmissions.
  51. SwapIt.com
  52. Systemonic
    Systemonic is a chip set provider for wireless communication. Acquired by Philips Semiconductors (http://www.semiconductors.philips.com/) in 12/2002.
  53. Tech Corps
    The mission of TECH CORPS is threefold: recruit, place and support volunteers from the technology community who assist schools with the introduction and use of new technologies; bring additional technology resources to schools and communities through local and national projects; and, build partnerships in support of educational technology among educators, businesses and community members at the local, state and national levels.
  54. Tilion Inc.
    Tilion provides a supply chain performance management service for companies to proactively manage key components of the supply chain to lower costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. Merged with Viewlocity (http://www.viewlocity.com/) and SynQuest (http://www.synquest.com/) in 09/2002.
  55. TMP Worldwide
  56. Train Ease
    TrainEase.Net utilizes years of personal experience in the IT training industry to provide you with an efficient, streamlined process for locating quality IT training.
  57. United Data Strategies Inc.
    Plan-Be is the premier provider of training and consulting services for R&R Report Writer and Crystal Reports.
  58. Vacation Coach, Inc.
    VacationCoach was brought to life by a team of passionate believers in the idea of providing personalized vacation planning advice.
  59. Vector Group
  60. Verid Technology Corp.
    Verid Technology Corporation helps manufacturing businesses that struggle with the flow of critical information between systems and people, both internally or with customers and suppliers.
  61. Verizon
  62. Virata
    Virata provides communications software and semiconductors to manufacturers of DSL, wireless, satellite, and other broadband networking equipment. Formerly Agranat Systems (http://www.agranat.com/) at this location.
  63. Wilson Group
    Wilson Group, Inc., founded in Concord, Mass. in 1994, is a nationally recognized compensation and human resource consulting firm, and is the premier developer of performance-based total reward systems.
  64. WorldCom
  65. Worldwide Medical Technologies, Inc.
  66. Young Entrepreneurs Alliance
    We provide handyman services to homes, businesses, and community groups. Our services include landscaping, repairs, residential housecleaning, and moving.

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