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By Tony Cooper

First published 9/14/2016; YearOfDisruption.com; publisher: GiantPeople.

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Patent Drawings are the easiest visual form of understanding an invention. They help in knowing the invention in detail. Basically, patent drawings are of two types (a) Utility Patent Drawings and (b) Design Patent Drawings. While a Utility patent protects the application and functionality of an invention a design patent protects the appearance of an item.

How The Patent Drawings Company (TPDC) can add value to its customers

Reliable partner-Creating drawings for patents could be a tough task for those whose core area of operation is something else than patent drawings. Not only it puts extra financial burden but also lacks efficiency because you are not acquainted with the terms of the trade. In such a situation the safest way would be to outsource your drawing related works to someone who is well-acquainted with the norms. The Patent Drawings Company (TPDC) is one of such companies that can take away all such worries and let you concentrate on your core work. All we can say is that we can be your reliable partner when it comes to creating drawings for patents.

Acquaintances with patent drawing rules- Creating drawings for patents is different from creating drawings in day to day life. Because, here, there are many rules and regulations that should be followed by the draftsperson. Even a single dotted line can make or break the goal. Since, there are many rules and regulations that should be followed while creating drawings for patents, it is prudent to take assistance of someone who is accustomed to those rules. The Patent Drawings Company (TPDC) has been serving law-firms, individual inventors and companies since last few years and is well-acquainted with all the rules of patent drawings. Putting it simply if you are looking for a patent drafting company that is well acquainted with patent drawing related rules TPDC has a lot to offer.

Flat price- While many companies charge injudicious price for drawings, TPDC (The Patent Drawings Company) offers drawings at a flat rate of $25 per figure with unlimited iterations. Simply put, if you are looking for patent drawings at reliable and judicious rate we are the one whom you can rely upon.

Quality- Patent drawing is something that not only requires technical know-how but also aesthetic sense. Our draft-persons are not only equipped with regulatory norms but are also experienced artists who can create drawings that are appealing to people. All we are saying is that if you are looking for quality patent drawings The Patent Drawings Company (TPDC) can help you create them.

Minimum inputs- The Patent Drawings Company (TPDC) has a team of professional draftspersons who have been working in this domain since last few years and thus know the tricks of the trade. Even if, you have minimum possible inputs we can create drawings out of that, which is acceptable to the respective patent office. No matter whether you have sketches, photographs, videos, prototypes or anything else our draftsperson will make it a sensible drawing.

Confidentiality- We as a professional patent drawing company believes that in the domain of intellectual property, confidentiality is of utmost importance and every care must be taken to ensure that your ideas are in true hands. With The Patent Drawings Company (TPDC) you can rest in peace that your ideas are in true hands and prior to taking any information from you we will sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement).

Timely Delivery- Things which are not completed in time are not done and same goes true for patent drawings. You may have the most unique and killer design for an object but if it is not presented in specified time frame it will be an exercise in futility. We understand this and thus ensure timely delivery of projects.

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