* YearOfDisruption.com: Would you put ads on your law firm website? On your legal blog?

Why or why not?

By Erik J. Heels

First published 11/1/2016; YearOfDisruption.com; publisher: GiantPeople.

Student questioning teacher: They found a way to cram advertising into verbs now?!

A disruptor recently asked me:

By the way, did you know that Davidson.com/patents is advertising on your site? Why have someone take your traffic?

My reply:

Putting ads on the site is an example of the disruptive thinking I’m going for. I don’t care if a competitor advertises on any of my sites, both because I get ad revenue from their ads and because I’m not afraid of the competition! There’s an article right there!

It’s true, we’re allowing ads on the Year of Disruption website. See our Advertising Transparency page for more info on that.

I my case, I have two companies: my law firm – for the left/logical side of my brain, and GiantPeople (the publisher of this blog) for the right/creative side of my brain. This is how my mentor structured his businesses: one for law practice, one for not law practice. And it is how I structure mine.

So it’s easier to contemplate putting ads on my blog (not owned by a law firm, not subject to various bar ethics rules) than on my law firm website.

But what about taking it to the next level? What about putting ads on your law firm’s website? Would any law firm dare to do so? What about for one month just to experiment? What about next month?

With that, I hereby challenge any/all takers to put ads on their law firm website and and their legal blog for the month of December and to report back on what you find.

Is that disruptive enough?

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