* Chicago Cubs Win 2016 World Series

The wait is over.

By Erik J. Heels

First published 11/3/2016; ErikJHeels.com; publisher: GiantPeople.

Woman to man on sofa, watching World Series celebration: So, are we in the post-postseason now, or the pre-preseason?

Congrats to the Chicago Cubs on ending your 108-year drought and winning Game 7 of the 2016 World Series.

One of the best World Series (minus the error-filled Game 6) that I can remember!

And for the Red Sox fans out there, just wait ’til next year!

P.S. #FireFarrell, #FireDombrowski

P.P.S. I was so close to being a baseball savant.

P.P.S. And for the Cleveland fans out there, just wait ’til next year!

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  1. It’s over! The Cubs ended the year with a World Series firecracker! It’s surreal to think that after over a century, the Cubs would find its strength to stand and conquer! They’re living heroes of this generation, an inspiration and our mighty baseball icons!

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