* 17 Seconds #10

17 Seconds = useful info quickly.

We interrupt our usual patent and trademark news to bring you this tech anecdote. And to ask a small favor.

Recently, we sent an email to a company saying that their trademark was ready to file. And we sent reminders. Many reminders. Days passed, then weeks, then months. Then I sent an email to every address I had on file for this company. Finally we got a reply. As it turns out, our first email was caught in their s-p-a-m filters and was never delivered!

As you know, we really try not to include legalese in our emails, but we are lawyers, so there will be *some* legal language.

In any event, here is the favor: Please update your s-p-a-m filters to allow email from “clocktowerlaw.com” and “heels@alum.mit.edu” to get through.

And why do I often use my MIT email address? Because I get another layer of s-p-a-m filtering on the replies!

Ain’t technology grand?

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