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Clocktower Law @ Villageworks.

Two crabs talking on beach: "It's really more of a lateral move, which is great for me!"

Earlier in February 2016, and after 15 years in Maynard’s Mill, Clocktower Law moved four miles north (which is “lateral” if you turn the map “sideways”*) to West Acton’s Villageworks. West Acton Villageworks, located at 525-545 Mass Ave., is a 70,000-square-foot community of independent retail, dining, wellness, learning, non-profit, and professional businesses organized around public lawns and courtyards, shared meeting spaces, and an intimate solar-powered event venue.

Our New Contact Info

Clocktower Law LLC
537 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 301
Acton MA 01720
phone: 978-263-0400
fax: 978-246-0256

We Do Not Fear Change

We embrace it. I was not afraid to pack up and move from Boston to Colorado while working for Verio in the late 1990s at the peak of the dot-com boom, I was not afraid to start this law firm after 6+ years working in said boom (amid tragic circumstances), and I was not afraid to move this law firm from the location that inspired its name.

Because Clocktower Law thrives on marching to the beat of a different drummer (or keyboard player), we changed our office in several ways. For example, we have zero file cabinets in the new office. And fewer bookcases. But we did save some of the cooler books for what turns out to be the perfect selfie location.

Selfie of Mathias Rosenfeld (of Villageworks) and Erik Heels (of Clocktower Law) in West Acton.

And, no, we are not changing the name of the firm, but we did shorten it a bit (smooshing two words together and dropping another). As a trademark, “Clocktower Law” is a strong name for a patent and trademark law firm, because clocktowers have nothing inherently to do with law. Similarly, “Apple” is a good name for a computer company, because apples have nothing inherently to do with computers. Btw, while I parted with some of my computer collection, I kept the Mac SE.

So there you have it. Crabs, clocktowers, computers, community.

Do drop in and see us. We’re in the third floor (the loft) of the yellow house.

*I put “sideways” in quotes because the orientation of maps is completely arbitrary. Those who made the first maps put themselves on the “top” of the first maps, and the habit has stuck. To demonstrate this point at home, I keep my dad’s 1943 globe on display “upside down.” Maybe I’ll move that globe to the new office!

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