* 17 Seconds #25

Help us update Clocktower Law’s list of cool clients.

Your stock is rising here, Thompson. How much for fifty shares?

Clocktower Law believes that all of its clients are cool. But it is admittedly tricky to keep up with what y’all are doing. This is our request for help, since our cool clients page could use some updating.

Depending on how you count it, I’ve been involved in about 10 startups, only 3 of which have had successful exits (so far). (See “How To Build A Startup” below for details.)

Patents for Stock, Stock for Patents, Patents for Equity, Equity for Patents

Finally, in case that heading wasn’t enough, we’d like to remind our serial entrepreneur friends about one way to protect your IP when starting your next startup while preserving cash for your MVP efforts: pay us in stock. We hired the best ethics lawyers in Boston to draft agreements that allow us to exchange patent work for equity. But it works best when we get equity at the same time that you do.

Thanks, as always, for your referrals and your business!

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