* Clocktower Clients Raise $213M, Clocktower Founder Celebrates Speed Limit Birthday

LawLawLaw #50 – Technology, Law, Baseball, Rock ‘n’ Roll.

As vaccination rates increase and cases/deaths decrease in the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, many things begin to return to something akin to pre-pandemic normality. And if you thought that I was going to say “normalcy,” well, I almost did (https://grammarist.com/usage/normalcy-normality/).

Client Stuff

36 clients have hired Clocktower and then gone on to be acquired (more than half by public companies).

Zero clients have fired Clocktower and then gone on to be acquired by a public company.

* Waybridge Raises $30M To Make Physical Commodities Supply Chains More Efficient And Resilient (2021-05-14)

* Axtria Secures $150M Growth Investment From Bain Capital Tech Opportunities (2021-05-13)

* Transcend Air Awarded Key Air Force Project To Develop Simplified Vehicle Operation And High Speed Nap Of The Earth (NOE) VTOL Flight (2021-04-05)

* Beamable Closes $5M Equity Funding Round (2021-02-23)

* Narmi Raises More Than $20 Million From Backers Including NE (2021-02-02)

* CloudZero Is Raising $8 Million In New Equity Investment (2021-01-06)

Technology Stuff

Probably some MIT engineers involved in the Mars helicopter, while MIT’s mascot does its thing in Canada. Engineers giveth, engineers taketh away.

* Canadian Beavers Chomp Down Town’s Internet (2021-04-26)

* A Helicopter Flies On Mars (2021-04-19)

Law Stuff

This is the intersection of technology, law, and policy. But I agree that those Boston Dynamics walking robots are creepy.

* New York City Police Scrap ‘Creepy’ Robotic Dogs (2021-04-29)

Baseball Stuff

Plus some Bruins playoff news. Because three of the all-time Bruins goal scoring leaders are on this team.

And some Patriots and Celtics news for good measure.

The Red Sox started the season 0-3 and then won 9 straight. They’ve been in first or second place most of the season, are winning most series, and are doing it with only a few superstars and a large cast of role players who are playing above expectations. I give credit to Alex Cora for the turn-around. Worst-to-first, here we come!

* Fenway Park Back To Full Capacity; Red Sox Beat Marlins 3-1 (2021-05-29)

* Tatum Drops 50 To Help Celtics Secure The 7th Seed, Beat The Wizards 118-100 In Play-In Tournament (2021-05-18)

* Jayson Tatum Scores 60, Leads Boston Celtics To Incredible 32-Point Comeback Over San Antonio Spurs, 143-140 (2021-04-30)

* Adam Vinatieri Is Finally Calling It A Career (2021-05-26)

* Let’s Have A Quick Nod To The Heroes Of Round 1 For The Bruins (2021-05-24)

* Recap: Bruins Eliminate Washington With Clinical 3-1 Win In Game 5 (2021-05-23)

* J.D. Martinez’s Milestone Home Run (250th) In 9th Wins It (2021-05-21)

* Recap: Bruins Take Series Lead With 3-2 Double Overtime Win Over Capitals (2021-05-19)

* Red Sox 12, Tigers 9: I Have No Idea What I Just Watched (2021-05-06)

* Red Sox Sweep Double-Header From Twins, Win Ninth Straight (2021-04-21)

* Red Sox 11, White Sox 4: A Stress-Free Bounceback On Patriots Day (2021-04-19)

* Red Sox 7, Twins 1: I Can No Longer Resist The 159-3 Joke (2021-04-14)

* The Red Sox Are At Least Watchable Again (2021-04-07)

* Opening Day: Red Sox 0, Orioles 3: It Can Only Go Up From Here (2021-04-02)

Music Stuff

When I was in college at MIT, I started listening to music in my dorm room to drown out other noises. Now I cannot work without music! In the car, I listen primarily to WXRV 92.5 The River (https://theriverboston.com/), sometimes to WBOS 92.9 (https://rock929rocks.com/) and WZLX 100.7 (https://wzlx.iheart.com/). After work, I listen to various Music Choice stations on cable TV (https://musicchoice.com/).

But during work, I listen to Radio Paradise (https://radioparadise.com/), which I have been listening to since 2008, and which is, by far, my favorite radio station. Run by a husband and wife team out of California, Radio Paradise (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_Paradise) features listener-supported eclectic music. I appreciate the various ways to listen (website, apps, iTunes/Music, Apple TV) and the high quality streams. I also donate monthly. Definitely worth checking out!

Other Stuff

“Midnight Run” is one of my favorite movies.

* R.I.P. Charles Grodin: Beethoven And The Heartbreak Kid Actor Dies Aged 86 (2021-05-18)

Today’s song du jour of the day:

* I Can’t Drive 55 by Sammy Hagar (1984)

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