* Red Sox Thoughts 2004-10-22

An email message promoted from my email archives to my blog on the last day the 2004 Red Sox were world champions (10/26/05).

Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 12:56:26 -0400
To: John [deleted]
From: "Erik J. Heels" [deleted]
Subject: RE: Cool List Digest Mon Oct 11 03:00:04 EDT 2004


Agreed!  I watched every minute of every game and then some
(post-game).  Even in game 3, I was thinking of all of the times the Sox
had scored 11 runs in one inning.  And when down 0-3, I'm thinking of all
of the times the Sox had won 4 in a row.

I'm watching game 1 tomorrow with my dad, who remembers the last two
Sox/Cardinals series.  Should be an interesting World Series!


At 10/21/04 08:21 PM, you wrote:
>Your last statement below..."Should be a fun series".
>1 - it feels like 4 years ago that we had this exchange.
>2 - you made the understatement of the year.  :)

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