* Red Sox Thoughts 2005-01-13

Red Sox History Repeats Itself.

Last night, I let the kids stay up to watch game 6 of the 1975 World Series, otherwise known as The Greatest Baseball Game Ever Played. My friend Joe got to see this game, I missed it.

We made a night of it. I bought hamburgers and rolls and grilled the burgers outside. I also bought popcorn, the perfect baseball snack. Plus we taped the game, which NESN was re-broadcasting in the absence of an NHL season (and in the afterglow of the Sox World Series victory).

In any event, history repeated itself, as the kids could not keep their eyes open, even for a version of the game edited down to three hours. So they missed the ending, but you can be sure they had seen it a million times before. And we’ll see it again.

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