* Court Notice Scam

We are all victims.


Did you recently receive an email like this?

Subject: Notice of appearance
From: Notice to Appear (online_support347@mitpatentlawyers.com)
Date: Mon 10/13/14 6:40 PM
To: [redacted]
Attachment: Note_5814_copy.zip (104.0 KB)

Notice to Appear,

The copy of the court notice is attached to this letter.
Please, read it thoroughly.

Truly yours,
Clerk to the Court,
Emily Tailor

Whenever you get suspicious emails like the above, you should Google any text in the email to see if it is true or a fraud. For example:

“The copy of the court notice is attached to this letter”

Doing a simple search like this will help your realize that this is, in fact, a fraud:

* Snopes: Court Notice Scam

Clocktower is one of many prominent law firms victimized by this fraud:

* ABA Journal: Beware Of Email Attachments Purporting To Carry Case Information, Courts Warn (2014-01-16)

The message you reference was not sent by Clocktower Law Group LLC, GiantPeople LLC (which publishes the erikjheels.com blog), or any owner, employee, or agent of either company. This court notice fraud has as being going on since at least as early as December 2013. So you should delete and ignore the email.

I’m including a list of possibly impacted domain names below to make finding this page – and the truth – easier.

Clocktower Domain Names:

  1. ClocktowerLaw.biz: Clocktower Law Group (TM)
  2. ClocktowerLaw.info: Clocktower Law Group (TM)
  3. ClocktowerLaw.net: Clocktower Law Group (TM)
  4. ClocktowerLaw.org: Clocktower Law Group (TM)
  5. ClocktowerLaw.us: Clocktower Law Group (TM)
  6. ClocktowerLaw.ws: Clocktower Law Group (TM)
  7. ClocktowerLawGroup.biz: Clocktower Law Group (TM)
  8. ClocktowerLawGroup.com: Clocktower Law Group (TM)
  9. ClocktowerLawGroup.info: Clocktower Law Group (TM)
  10. ClocktowerLawGroup.net: Clocktower Law Group (TM)
  11. ClocktowerLawGroup.org: Clocktower Law Group (TM)
  12. ClocktowerLawGroup.us: Clocktower Law Group (TM)
  13. ClocktowerLawGroup.ws: Clocktower Law Group (TM)
  14. CTLG.us: Clocktower Law Group (TM)
  15. LawyersForHumanBeings.com: Lawyers For Human Beings (TM)
  16. TheLawFirmWhereEverybodyKnowsYourName.com: The Law Firm Where Everybody Knows Your Name (TM)

GiantPeople Domain Names:

  1. BeaverLaw.com: Beaver Law
  2. BostonIntellectualPropertyLaw.com: Boston Intellectual Property Law
  3. BostonTrademarkLaw.com: Boston Trademark Law
  4. FreeStartupsTrademark.com: Free Startups Trademark
  5. FreeStartupsTrademarks.com: Free Startups Trademarks
  6. FreeStartupTrademark.com: Free Startup Trademark
  7. FreeStartupTrademarks.com: Free Startup Trademarks
  8. FreeTrademarkForStartup.com: Free Trademark For Startup
  9. FreeTrademarkForStartups.com: Free Trademark For Startups
  10. FreeTrademarksForStartup.com: Free Trademarks For Startup
  11. FreeTrademarksForStartups.com: Free Trademarks For Startups
  12. GamePatents.biz: Game Patents
  13. GamePatents.com: Game Patents
  14. GamePatents.info: Game Patents
  15. GamePatents.net: Game Patents
  16. GamePatents.org: Game Patents
  17. GamePatents.us: Game Patents
  18. GamePatents.ws: Game Patents
  19. IntellectualPropertyAttorneyBoston.com: Intellectual Property Attorney Boston
  20. IntellectualPropertyAudit.com: Intellectual Property Audit
  21. IntellectualPropertyLawBoston.com: Intellectual Property Law Boston
  22. IntellectualPropertyLawOffices.com: Intellectual Property Law Offices
  23. IntellectualPropertyLawyerBoston.com: Intellectual Property Lawyer Boston
  24. LawLawLaw.com: LawLawLaw (TM)
  25. MITAttorney.com: MIT Attorney
  26. MITAttorneys.com: MIT Attorneys
  27. MITIPAttorney.com: MIT IP Attorney
  28. MITIPAttorneys.com: MIT IP Attorneys
  29. MITIPLawFirm.com: MIT IP Law Firm
  30. MITIPLawyer.com: MIT IP Lawyer
  31. MITIPLawyers.com: MIT IP Lawyers
  32. MITLawFirm.com: MIT Law Firm
  33. MITLawyer.com: MIT Lawyer
  34. MITLawyers.com: MIT Lawyers
  35. MITLawyers.net: MIT Lawyers
  36. MITLawyers.org: MIT Lawyers
  37. MITPatentAttorney.com: MIT Patent Attorney
  38. MITPatentAttorneys.com: MIT Patent Attorneys
  39. MITPatentLawFirm.com: MIT Patent Law Firm
  40. MITPatentLawyer.com: MIT Patent Lawyer
  41. MITPatentLawyers.com: MIT Patent Lawyers
  42. MITTrademarkAttorney.com: MIT Trademark Attorney
  43. MITTrademarkAttorneys.com: MIT Trademark Attorneys
  44. MITTrademarkLawFirm.com: MIT Trademark Law Firm
  45. MITTrademarkLawyer.com: MIT Trademark Lawyer
  46. MITTrademarkLawyers.com: MIT Trademark Lawyers
  47. ParodyLaw.com: Parody Law
  48. PatentLawyerBoston.com: Patent Lawyer Boston
  49. PatentLawyersBoston.com: Patent Lawyers Boston
  50. PatentLegalAdvice.com: Patent Legal Advice
  51. PatentsEtc.com: Patents Etc.
  52. PatentsEtc.net: Patents Etc.
  53. PatentsEtc.org: Patents Etc.
  54. PlayPatents.biz: Play Patents
  55. PlayPatents.com: Play Patents
  56. PlayPatents.info: Play Patents
  57. PlayPatents.net: Play Patents
  58. PlayPatents.org: Play Patents
  59. PlayPatents.us: Play Patents
  60. PlayPatents.ws: Play Patents
  61. SportsPatents.biz: Sports Patents
  62. SportsPatents.info: Sports Patents
  63. SportsPatents.net: Sports Patents
  64. SportsPatents.org: Sports Patents
  65. SportsPatents.us: Sports Patents
  66. SportsPatents.ws: Sports Patents
  67. StartupsTrademark.com: Startups Trademark
  68. StartupsTrademarks.com: Startups Trademarks
  69. StartupTrademark.com: Startup Trademark
  70. StartupTrademarks.com: Startup Trademarks
  71. ToyPatents.biz: Toy Patents
  72. ToyPatents.com: Toy Patents
  73. ToyPatents.info: Toy Patents
  74. ToyPatents.net: Toy Patents
  75. ToyPatents.org: Toy Patents
  76. ToyPatents.us: Toy Patents
  77. ToyPatents.ws: Toy Patents
  78. TrademarkForStartup.com: Trademark For Startup
  79. TrademarkForStartups.com: Trademark For Startups
  80. TrademarkLawBoston.com: Trademark Law Boston
  81. TrademarkLawyerBoston.com: Trademark Lawyer Boston
  82. TrademarksForStartup.com: Trademarks For Startup
  83. TrademarksForStartups.com: Trademarks For Startups

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Erik J. Heels is a patent and trademark lawyer for Boston startups, Red Sox fan, MIT engineer, and musician. He blogs about technology, law, baseball, and rock ‘n’ roll at erikjheels.com.

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