* American Idol Top 6 Preview

Death to theme nights.

American Idol is on Tuesday 04/25/06 (8:00-9:00 PM ET). This week, the top 6 sing love songs.

American Idol Season 5 Top 6
1. Taylor Hicks
2. Kellie Pickler
3. Chris Daughtry
4. Katharine McPhee
5. Elliott Yamin
6. Paris Bennett

I am officially sick of theme nights. Love songs? Images of frightening late-night infomercials come to mind. I think that Chris, Paris, and Elliot will have the hardest time selling a love song. Not necessarily the hardest time singing one, but the hardest time selling one.

I would prefer a format that let each singer pick his/her own song. Last year, Bo Bice lost the finale because the final songs were written for Carrie Underwood’s style, not for his. Who is being set up to win – or to lose – this year?

I think I’m going to add another column to my American Idols pundits chart to indicate which bloggers are actually making their predictions before reading the exit polls (i.e. DialIdol.com).

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