* USPTO Updates TARR Trademark Database With Class Status

Added field shows whether a trademark’s international class is active or not.

The USPTO has updated its TARR (Trademark Applications and Registrations Retrieval) database (http://tarr.uspto.gov/), which contains the current status of trademarks in the USPTO’s database, to display the “class status” field. Presumably, the “class status” field values are either “active” or “inactive,” depending on whether a trademark’s as-filed international class is still an active class.

For example, if a registered mark was not initially renewed, the “class status” field would be “Section 8 – Cancelled”.

See, for example, the record for Clock Tower Law Group’s word trademark (http://tarr.uspto.gov/servlet/tarr?regser=serial&entry=78348706) and logo trademark (http://tarr.uspto.gov/servlet/tarr?regser=serial&entry=78614746). I’ve highlighted the change below:

International Class: 042
Class Status: Active
Legal services in the field of intellectual property, namely patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret matters
Basis: 1(a)
First Use Date: 2004-01-01
First Use in Commerce Date: 2004-01-01

I did not see any official notice from the USPTO about the change. I noticed the change because my firm, Clock Tower Law Group, monitors all of our clients’ trademarks for any changes. And I received notification from Clock Tower Law Group of the change. We like being among the first to know.

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