* American Idol Top 6 Results

Kellie goes home, five remain. And why grizzly bears matter.

When I play Yahtzee with my kids, I always go for Yahtzee on every play. After all, that’s the name of the game! I get more Yahtzees, but also more two-of-a-kinds. Tonight was more of a two-of-a-kind night for me. Kellie went home, while I (and most other bloggers) picked Paris. Adding to the confusion, American Idol did not announce the bottom three. They announced the bottom two (Chris and Katharine), middle two (Taylor and Elliott), and bottom two (Paris and Kellie). In my defense, I did say that it was the most difficult night yet to judge. Even Simon didn’t make his pick out of the bottom two, so he’s 0 for 1 tonight.

I’m adjusting the scores a bit in my chart. If a pundit failed to make a guess, I’m calling that the same as striking out (0 for 3). This will even the scores across the board. Also, based on comments to yesterday’s post, I’ve added High Lord Dave to the mix. Plus USAToday. What the heck. Finally, since we don’t know the bottom three, everyone with the bottom two in their bottom three picks gets a 2 for 2 score.

Pundit Bottom 2-3 Results Bottom One Results
DialIdol.com 91% (10 for 11) 50% (2 for 4)
Erik J. Heels 82% (9 for 11) 25% (1 for 4)
The Woes and the Prose of an American Idol Junkie 82% (9 for 11) 25% (1 for 4)
Reality TV Magazine 73% (8 for 11) 75% (3 for 4)
Various and Sundry » American Idol 64% (7 for 11) 50% (2 for 4)
USATODAY 64% (7 for 11) 50% (2 for 4)
High Lord Dave’s Blog 64% (7 for 11) 25% (1 for 4)
American Idol Season 5 Blog 55% (6 for 11) 25% (1 for 4)
Flipping A Coin 50% 50%
Vote For The Worst 18% (2 for 11) 25% (1 for 4)
Simon Cowell NA 50% (2 for 4)
Zabasearch.com – Most Searched American Idol Contestants no historical data no historical data

It’s worth noting that Simon admitted he was wrong about Katharine’s performance. Based on what I wrote yesterday, I’m guessing he’s reading my blog now. Thanks for the support, Simon!

It’s also worth noting that Zabasearch got it right this week. But I have no historical data for them to add to the chart.

Now, why grizzly bears are relevant to the outcome of American Idol. There is a saying that if you are running away from a grizzly bear, then you do not have to be the fastest runner. You only have to be faster than at least one other person (the person behind you). So it is with American Idol. You do not ever have to give a standout performance. If you sing above average every week, then you will win the American Idol competition. (Do the math. With two left, only the winner is above average.) Which leads me to some more observations about season 4 vs. season 5. Last year, I remember outstanding performances from Nadia Turner, Anthony Federov, Constantine Maroulis, Vonzelle Solomon, and Bo Bice. But I do not remember any outstanding performances from Carrie Underwood, the eventual season 5 winner. Carrie always sang above average and was never in the bottom three. That’s all it takes to win. The only remaining idol candidate with anything close to those same attributes is Taylor Hicks. Taylor Hicks has always sung above average and has never been in the bottom three. Taylor has arguably had more memorable performances in season 5 than Carrie had in season 4, but otherwise the fact pattern matches up. So could Taylor Hicks win American Idol?

Next week: Did they say what the theme is? Or have themes finally (and thankfully) been put to rest?

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4 Replies to “* American Idol Top 6 Results”

  1. Many former contestants have said how tired they became, especially when they knew their time was going to be limited and their efforts were really for nothing. Glad she’s gone. For her sake and ours. And she handled it admirably.

  2. I agree. I think, at some point, she realized that she was not going to win and was just looking forward to the summer tour.

    Next week, we’ll hear two songs from each contestant, so it will be harder to have a shocker result (not that this was) based on one poor performance.

  3. I think Kellie was relieved to have been voted off. She looked so miserable after each of her last two performances, and didn’t seem upset at all after the announcement last night. Maybe she even volunteered to leave? I wouldn’t be surprised!

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