* American Idol Top 5 Results

Paris goes home, four remain, songs by Elvis next week.

To almost nobody’s surprise (except Reality TV Magazine, which picked Elliott to go home), Paris got the lowest number of votes and ended her American Idol run tonight. Well, except for the summer tour. Is it fair to have teenagers compete with singers in their twenties? American Idol raised the maximum age last year (to, I believe, 28 at the time of your audition). Should they also raise the minimum age to 18?

Also, congratulations to Jennifer for passing me on the list. I’m now fourth (down from second). Zabasearch got it right again. Too bad they don’t have historical data on their website. DialIdol.com and I both wrongly had Katharine in the bottom two. Simon failed to make a choice.

Erik’s List of American Idol Pundits
Pundit Bottom 2-3 Accuracy Bottom One Accuracy
DialIdol.com 85% (11 for 13) 60% (3 for 5)
The Woes and the Prose of an American Idol Junkie 85% (11 for 13) 40% (2 for 5)
Reality TV Magazine 77% (10 for 13) 60% (3 for 5)
Erik J. Heels 77% (10 for 13) 40% (2 for 5)
Various and Sundry » American Idol 69% (9 for 13) 60% (3 for 5)
USATODAY 69% (9 for 13) 60% (3 for 5)
American Idol Season 5 Blog 62% (8 for 13) 40% (2 for 5)
High Lord Dave’s Blog 62% (8 for 13) 40% (2 for 5)
Flipping A Coin 50% 50%
Vote For The Worst 31% (4 for 13) 40% (2 for 5)
Simon Cowell NA 40% (2 for 5)
Zabasearch.com – Most Searched American Idol Contestants no historical data no historical data

Next week: songs by Elvis, which should be great. There are 93 albums by Elvis Presley on iTunes, so good luck guessing which song’s they’ll be singing.

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  1. Taylor is an ‘all around great performer’. Simon says the reqmts are to be ‘different’ ‘stand out’. Taylor fits the bill…the only performer that makes the audience get up on their feet and smile. He is a southern gentlemen with lots of soul and charisma. He always has a smile..always. He sings great ‘soul songs’, upbeat, happy songs, tender love songs,-he is the total package. I like all the other performers as well, I think Elliott has a beautiful voice, Kat is beautiful and sings great. Chris will appeal to rockers but I’m not a fan of Rock = at least not a fan of someone who just stares into the camera and yells.

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