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My favorite review of ‘The Legal List’ from 1995.

Lycos Top 5%

Twenty years ago today, my book “The Legal List” was acknowledged as a “Top 5%” site by Point Communications, which was later acquired by Lycos. The Lycos Top 5% archives, like many old web pages, have fallen victim to linkrot, something that few of us on the web at that time every imagined would happen.

I did save HTML versions of the review, and I have been able to cobble together a screenshot of what the web page looked like (minus the background image and the Ford ad):

Lycos Top 5%: The Legal List

And here is the original review, using the original HTML:

The Legal List

Content: 47/50
Presentation: 20/50
Experience: 32/50

An absolutely mind-boggling resource for Internet legal eagles, this online “book” by Erik J. Heels offers a briefcase full of law-related government, educational and corporate links. Legal resources in all 50 states, plus an amazing variety of resources from Jewish law professors to Kansas attorneys. Not incredibly exciting, mind you; just relentlessly complete.

Go to The Legal List

For the record, here are the links I tried:

Maybe somebody out there has an archive of the Point Top 5% reviews. Until then, this page will have to suffice. At least for me.

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